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    Which Chikuni?

    Looks like there are several out there. Anyone have an ebay/amazon link to one that worked well for them with a clone/predator?
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    External helper springs for front shocks?

    Saw this on youtube. Messaged the poster for details, but it wasn’t his bike and the fellow on it bought it that way. Any ideas if this would actually work or it it was just for looks…
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    All good things must come to an end......

    Sorry about the loss. We recently lost a little riding area to new home construction. About every little patch of woods I used to play in has been developed. Not much good for minibiking, but I support our local land conservancy. Not all, but some of the land they buy is open for hunting...
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    the whole world is going electric how about your mini

    I'm pretty impressed with electric torque. I really enjoy driving my buddy's Tesla! But, I'm still figuring out the dino burners. Maybe someday I'll give it a go if I ever get bored with gas powered.
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    Diesel Mini Bike

    Another thing to consider is parts availability. One of my favorite things about GX200 clones is rediculously cheap stock parts and lots of them.
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    Diesel Mini Bike

    How hard would it be to crank up and file off a mm? Keyway would probably need a little work too. I'm thinking a 30 series torque converter with light springs to put the power down. It'd be an interesting SHTF vehicle. You could run it on several different fuels. Even homemade. Build a...
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    CA Outlaws Small Engines

    Shared this with my dad and he asked if private planes were on the list...might be next...
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    140 E tube vs larger main jet

    True, that. I can feel a performance/tuning difference between a hot afternoon and a cool evening.
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    Stretching and lifting the Coleman

    Put in a CVT with Juggernaut this week. Bike is governed. It'll rocket up to 20 mph then sit on the governor and cruise. Runs up hills. Quickly becoming my favorite bike to ride. I see what people mean when they say flickable. You just think about a turn and it makes it. Pokes along...
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    ATV style tires on Bajas/Colemans?

    Power IIs are back in stock if anyone is interested. I only ordered one for the back. Spent too much on other parts already this month;)
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    140 E tube vs larger main jet

    Seems like either will richen the mix. Is one better at low end/high end vs the other?
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    Anyone recognize this carb jet?

    Thanks! The Keihin threaded jets that looked like mikunis really threw me. I picked up a set of slot headed Keihin main jets and they fit just fine (Keihin hex jets are too long but have the same threads). Really went down the jet rabbit hole on this one! Now to install and tune the bugger!
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    torque converter long vs short belt?

    I'd call the seller of your engine and see if is even capable of of more RPMs with the existing valve springs, under load. You may be hitting valve float. That 5800 rpms may be a "on the stand" measurement used for go kart racing. If it were me, I'd put a billet rod and 22 lb valve springs in...
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    torque converter long vs short belt?

    A longer than necessary belt would effectively increase your engagement RPMs and reduce your final drive ratio. Can't see where that would be helpful excapt maybe in a hill climbing competition (providing the longer belt doesn't slip).
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    ATV style tires on Bajas/Colemans?

    Seller says they are out of stock:(
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    ATV style tires on Bajas/Colemans?

    Yeah, I really like those Power IIs, Now to find them in stock somewhere!
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    ATV style tires on Bajas/Colemans?

    Anyone running heavy lug tread patterns on their Bajas or Colemans? If so, how do they corner? Do they tear up the lawn? Ride rough? Anything else I should know?
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    Anyone recognize this carb jet?

    I bought a Mikuni clone off of ebay. At first glance, the main jet appeared to be mikuni, so I ordered a set. The Mikuni has a longer hex head and different threads. Any idea what type of jet I have?
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    Bride of Frankenstein - a cure for leftover parts cluttering the workshop.

    Nice. I bought one of these a while back, and just got it out to see what I needed to make it work.
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    212cc swap, torque converter, top speed only 32?

    Just remembered that some of the kart racing guys are allowed to ziptie just a few coils of spring to tune their governors. Good point on valve float. For the OP, if the engine starts to stumble at high rpms, you have hit valve float and are over the 'red line'. Stay below that point to...