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  1. texasfabguy

    CNC plasma table

    I think the high frequency start is going to give you problems unless you have your CNC table completely shielded. most all tables use pilot arc start now.
  2. texasfabguy

    back at it rat bike this time!

    left Shapiro Steelfest this morning,on the way to Redneck rumble in Tn.
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  5. texasfabguy

    back at it rat bike this time!

    Bike Class Vote - Poll
  6. texasfabguy

    back at it rat bike this time!

    I got a ton on my FB Tim..
  7. texasfabguy

    back at it rat bike this time!

    I'm part of this build team and wanting to get you all involved,take a look and vote for your favorite. you can vote on one car and one bike. air ride on everything,even the trunk lid and seat pan! but if your not sure vote for this one! :thumbsup:
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  9. texasfabguy

    Any electrical engineers wanna help me?

    Well it's been almost a year and the mill paid for itself 3 fold! not one problem with it. been mostly splining axles with it.:thumbsup: NOS,how's that shed coming?
  10. texasfabguy

    Happy Birthday Texasfabguy

    Thanks all! one year closer to dead,yeah!?:shrug::laugh:
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    I'm changing the game!

    what do you plan on doing with your Jeep? milder forums like or or mite work for you. I would suggest joining a local 4x4 club in your area. funny I got into mini bikes for something to do at the 4x4 club meetings,not much wheeling gets done in...
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    Who are the night owls

  13. texasfabguy

    Harbor Freight 22H.P. V-Twin

    what I am saying that for the money you spend on the Vtwin you can go faster with the 420 single. same goes for the 212cc.
  14. texasfabguy

    Texas events

    lone star round up in April is as close as we get in texas.
  15. texasfabguy

    Harbor Freight 22H.P. V-Twin

    are you really going to compair a $12000 dollar super cub engine to a stock clone??:laugh: those engines run a SBC roller valve train in them just for starters!
  16. texasfabguy

    Harbor Freight 22H.P. V-Twin

    I pondered the idea before,ended up with sticking with the 420cc engine. can make 20-25 hp with way less weight and done need to hack the bike to much.the other thing was ungoverned rpm's was lower with the v-twin than with the single. They do sound good with open pipes though!
  17. texasfabguy

    Honda iGX440?

    yeah no aftermarket support for those engines.
  18. texasfabguy

    What do you guys drive in real life?

    That car going to be a blast. I had a 76 that I put a 79/81 turbo motor in,had it for 6 years and a few turbos with a mix of junk yard parts.
  19. texasfabguy

    Max torque Clutch gets super hot

    how come nobody reads plugs anymore?:shrug: