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  1. Midyrman

    The Official Bonanza Mini Bike Thread . . .

    Bonanza MX1310TCS That’s a Skipp-built HS50 with Mikuni. Originally came with a lighted HS40. The original Comet setup is on the bike.
  2. Midyrman

    New member in my family…

    That is one big and happy looking girl. Love the couch straddle!
  3. Midyrman

    New member in my family…

    Skipp- What a beautiful girl who already has her eyes fixated on you!
  4. Midyrman

    Post your cars!

    Before I bought the car in 1986 the original owner told me that the car will do 155mph. He would drive back and forth between New Castle Pa and a second home in Maine during summer months. He said he stopped driving the car in ‘77 from too many tickets when the speed limit was dropped to 55mph...
  5. Midyrman

    Post your cars!

    1967 427/400. Unrestored.
  6. Midyrman

    Happy Birthday Evil Ed

    Happy Birthday Ed!
  7. Midyrman

    Premier Titan Racing Clutch -New

    $100 shipped to lower 48.
  8. Midyrman

    "Before and After" pics

    Don’t mean to get off track of this thread….. Since the TC picture I’ve swapped the green for the higher rpm stiffer yellow spring on the driven gear. And changed the std to white springs on the driver. The latter is easy to do. The yellow spring not so. After some struggles, used a bench...
  9. Midyrman

    "Before and After" pics

  10. Midyrman

    "Before and After" pics

    With the TC setup on the WF the front end likes to lift off the ground as it engages and launches ,,,,,gotta be careful! Haven’t yet been able to stretch its legs on open road.
  11. Midyrman

    Mini Bikes in your house?

    Absolutely handsome Moses!
  12. Midyrman

    "Before and After" pics

  13. Midyrman

    RIP David Crosby

    Had Deja Vu on the turntable playing for many nights laying in bed before falling asleep in high school. Stacked BTO as second album but not sure how that was a calming effect… CSN was a great threesome made better with the addition of Y. Music hasn’t been this good for several...
  14. Midyrman

    "Before and After" pics

  15. Midyrman

    Disk brake upgrade on my old build off bike.

    Did you purchase the disk brake setup as a kit? Very nice.
  16. Midyrman

    Premier Titan Racing Clutch -New

    Purchased with Briggs World Formula Engine but never used. Orange spring for 4100rpm engagement. #41 chain and 11 tooth sprocket. Box, paperwork, clutch key included. Asking $150 plus the ride. Thanks for looking.
  17. Midyrman

    RIP Franco Harris

    RIP Franco.
  18. Midyrman

    Another MX project….

    Looking great Skipp. Torque converter maybe with those tall JS plates?
  19. Midyrman

    Definitely a Bonanza but possibly a MX 1310 TCS?

    There is a Skipp-built HS50 with Mikuni and Robertson torque tube hiding under there. Front and rear drum brakes unique to the TCS along with the 10 inch spokes also unique to the TCS are a significant improvement for Bonanza bikes. An original 5/8 belt Comet setup rests under an original...