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  1. roccosbike

    What dis

    Looks like a good quality frame to me, you can soak the rusty parts in evaporust to clean them up that stuff is amazing! go get that mutha and build yourself a nice lil bike.
  2. roccosbike

    mini bike crack i don’t know HELLLLPPPP!

    Hey Johnny, those mini bikes are built pretty good so you could buy a harbor freight motor and put it on there. if you do they still rev about the same RPM as long as you don't mess with the governor but they do have more torque to get you moving quicker. its an investment but you will have a...
  3. roccosbike

    Coleman ct200u running issue

    Make sure the key in the flywheel did not shear
  4. roccosbike

    Lighted Briggs

    probably came off a Troy built Tiller , nice engine
  5. roccosbike

    Charger or Supercharger? help ID please

    Your other bike is a Trail Horse, there are gurus on here that know the exact model.
  6. roccosbike

    HS40 Tecumseh exhaust port ?

    I know a while back when I was looking to put an exhaust on an hs40 that functioned good and was readily available. Just go to your hardware store and get a 45 nipple, I used a die grinder to hog it out and put that on the motor with a hot dog muffler screwed in it, they sound good, work good...
  7. roccosbike

    Offer up ad in Ohio

    Go get that mutha it needs you to take care of it, if it was closer to me I would have it. I would call it Quasi moto!
  8. roccosbike

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    something tells me this mini bike was born to do wheelies!!!
  9. roccosbike

    Charger or Supercharger? help ID please

    I think you have a supercharger mini bike there made by charger mini bikes. I think they were made in Indiana if I am not mistaken.
  10. roccosbike

    Little help please

    The swingarm is Trail horse too
  11. roccosbike

    Comet gurus step inside

    I would like to see pictures of that, I like anything running a Star engine.
  12. roccosbike

    Herters build

    paint job looks nice, I like your electric set up too.
  13. roccosbike

    Just a small question

    Stop revving that motha so high ;)
  14. roccosbike


    Nice Bike! I have always wanted to own one of those
  15. roccosbike

    Bonanza BC1300 Restomod 20 years later.

    Here is the other side of the same bike, it has gobs of power
  16. roccosbike

    Bonanza BC1300 Restomod 20 years later.

    really like your build if you want more torque you could put a TAV on it, you for sure have the skills to do it.
  17. roccosbike

    Happy birthday bigevilone2.....

  18. roccosbike

    Tecumseh carb leaking out the side vent hole

    Make sure your float is good, if it has gas inside it then it will sink and cause the problem you describe
  19. roccosbike

    Two clutch/two speed setups?

    You can run a two speed set up with two regular clutches if you know what you are doing. Delray I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.