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  1. SimpleTom

    What is it?

    Yep, Manco Trailcat.
  2. SimpleTom

    Montgomery Ward Co. frame found in woods?

    Yep, That bike was made by ARCO/Alexander Reynolds Co. for Montgomery Ward. Looks like it has a rear fender from a Bonanza.
  3. SimpleTom

    What do i have here??? Thanks in advance

    It was made by General Appliance but those handle bars make it a Trail Blazer. It might have been sold through Montgomery Ward as well. Nice find especially with the original clutch guard.
  4. SimpleTom

    Montgomery Wards 323?

    Wrong engine and wheels. Probably missing the brake since it attached to the original wheels. If you like it for that price then buy it. No values or opinions on values given here.
  5. SimpleTom

    Fox Sprite Frame + extras

    This is a 9 year old post. I highly doubt it's still available
  6. SimpleTom

    Which Trail Horse do I have?

    Not an SS300 unless those forks are chrome under the paint. It could be any number of models. Without the original engine it could be a few different model.
  7. SimpleTom

    What do I have??

    It's a very common mini bike. The green fenders aren't original and the wheels would have been originally white. As far as finding parts specific to that bike. Good luck. You will have to search ebay, here and other online sources to find those. But since you're already putting a Predator in it...
  8. SimpleTom

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    They used an Apache mini bike .
  9. SimpleTom

    Brake ID.......7 years later :)

    Yep, same on my Tig'r bike. Going to be cleaning mine up this year.
  10. SimpleTom

    Bird/golden pinto forks?

    They are Golden Pinto forks. Could be a Sprite frame. The number plate was added. The reason the forks look long is because your rear wheel is 2 inches too small.
  11. SimpleTom

    WHAT BIKE IS THIS? no idea! Super small

    Sears Runabout made by Bird.
  12. SimpleTom

    got odd ball here

    It's a Compact Service Scooter
  13. SimpleTom

    Does anyone know aht mini bike frame this is

    It's a Fimco Little Butch.
  14. SimpleTom

    Cant figure out what frame we have

    It's a modified Scat Cat SC-415
  15. SimpleTom

    Mini bike interview from my friends at GPS

    Great interview and video. It would be cool to see more interviews like this as Chad mentioned. Unfortunately they would have to have someone travel all over the country to do that. Similar to Joe's mini bike reunion podcast. He would always have locals to him come in for interviews. Really...
  16. SimpleTom

    Frame ID

    The other one is an Alexander Reynolds Company/ ARCO
  17. SimpleTom

    What rim is this

    It's not a Manco wheel. That's a Thomas wheel. Manco wheels don't have open spokes.
  18. SimpleTom

    What is this wheel ?

    Nova minibikes, Cheyenne mini bikes
  19. SimpleTom

    Looking for an i.d.

    Different model. However the handle bars don't appear to be correct.