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  1. gammatg

    Wanted original 1" Trail Horse brake lever - kick stand & spring

    I have some NOS levers somewhere. I’ll look this weekend. Some still have the tag from General Appliance.
  2. gammatg

    Honda Mini Trail Parts source
  3. gammatg

    Wanted fuel tank that will fit a Rupp Sprint

    What year sprint?
  4. gammatg

    Unknown Frame

    Thunderbolt 198 MC
  5. gammatg


    Thank you!!!
  6. gammatg

    Predator 212 on 1971 Roadster 2

    Fantastic job on the clean up!
  7. gammatg

    What Is it?

    Mickey Bike I believe
  8. gammatg

    NOS Arctic Cat/Saxonette Mini Parts

    All have been sold
  9. gammatg

    Lil Indian bike. What is it?

    Lil Indian Back Tracker
  10. gammatg

    Bonanza BC1100 question

    Did the 1967ish Bonanza BC1100s come with painted silver (not chrome) fenders?
  11. gammatg

    Anyone recognize this chain guard?

    Ruttman PacMule
  12. gammatg

    Is this a Rupp factory option?

    Yes they are decals.
  13. gammatg

    Is this a Rupp factory option?

    Sorry I don’t. Maybe check on the blackwidowmotorsports website
  14. gammatg

    Is this a Rupp factory option?

    That’s a standard color and a stripe on 1973 until the end of the run in 75. Magenta was the other color with a silver/black striping.
  15. gammatg

    Unidentified and a Gilson, I think.

    The one with an engine is a wards 424. Hard tail with front suspension. No remote fuel tank. Original yellow paint peeking through.