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    predator ari cleaner problems

    stock predator. the air cleaner cover falls off all day long. duct tape or....??
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    pullstart problems

    my predator pullstart won't engadge until it is almost all the way out. i get a 6 inch pull and im afraid i will break the rope. will the old clone starters fit? and it stalls all the time at idle :doah: the rpm's are up to just before the clutch catches.
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    DB 30 Ft wheel and tire

    looking for a DB 30 FT wheel and tire. shipped to boston ma. Send pics and prices to me please. :scooter:
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    broke hrdralic brake lever

    thanks. i spent 30 min with a dewalt grinder and made a ugly lever. it works ok but it has a long reach (adult hands).
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    broke hrdralic brake lever

    i need a hydralic brake lever. i dont want to spend $42.00 on a whole new setup. where can i find parts? it was made of the cheapest chinese metal:censure::censure:there goes our sunday.
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    new predator dies

    clutch is fine i set up a spring chain tensioner as seen on this site . i think i will lower the idle and check out the jet.
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    new predator dies

    new pred on a doodle .it will be all stock i wont spend over $300.on parts. we worked all day on it setting it up is up just before clutch rides great for 30 min till me butt gets sore. when we stop it will just die,cranking the throtle dont help. :confused: jet it ? (...
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    grimm reaper gokart project

    sweet free stuff. pics please. minis are fun but 4 wheels are a change . the speed the rush . 6" off the ground :scared:
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    2 rod failures, synthetic oil the cause?

    another one . i used synthetic oil changed it each month.maybe the oil maybe it was a clone. but it was stock and got a predator for the $19.99 warrenty
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    clone exaust studs fell out!

    m8 1.25 hex heads m8 1.25 hex heads pulled out. i used red thread lock. :censure: after 30 min I lost one bolt ant the other was 40% out. drilling ok how, where ,with what? i have harbor freight titanuim drill bits. do i use a drill press or drill on engine? wire size? copper...
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    Cl chopper 500.00

    Rare Bonanza Scout CR 500 Chopper Mini Bike this is not mine i found it on craigslist in massachusetts. wanted to post some will want it
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    hard pull start on clone...

    i was a lot handsomer in 2009:pimp:
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    clone exaust studs fell out!

    doube nuts great tip
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    clone exaust studs fell out!

    hi my yellow clone exaust studs fell out! i was riding and then the exaust was gone. i tried to remove the studs fron a old parts motor, pb buster and vice grips stripped them. should i mail order new studs for $2.00 and $10.95 shipping or get metric 1" BOLTS at lowes?
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    Air Filter Question

    would the k+n spray oil clog it up faster?
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    honda carb 160 and 200 same?

    are the honda 160 and 200 carberators same? looking on line. and this honda carb is $26.00and some 160 carbs are around for $16.00(prob booleg) 2009 GX200UT VSD9 ENGINE, THA, VIN# GCAHT-1000001 Honda Small Engine CARBURETOR (1) Diagram and Parts :confused:
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    honda powerwashers = cheap engines?

    spring is here and i am seeing dead powerwasherson craigslist . bad hoses and pumps. has anyone used a honda powerwasher engine on a mini? should i buy some? they are selling $50-$75 posting good engine but washer needs etc etc . any hints what to look out for? like a welded pully on the...
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    getting warmer it time to tinker

    getting warmer it time to tinker and get ready for a early spring in the north East. i lost my chain tensioner wheel in the fall on a doodle. i might take out a link or two and run without. I drained my carb and cracked the body re-asembling. . glad to be back.
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    honda mower engine help

    it has a auto spring loaded choke. close it to start and in 45 seconds the spring slowly opens it. i took it all apart , cleaned the carb and lubed the gears. so for so good.
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    honda mower engine help

    hi 2 y.o honda mower(push) runs on full choke dies when choke is off. it doesnt sound well timed when it stalls rough ? i will have to take it apart and learn on it.