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  1. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

    motor and tank 280 + shipping :)
  2. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

  3. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

    apologies for the bid style post on the engine guys... and thanks for refresher there hent!! been awhile since i posted... ok so hows 250 + shipping OBO for everything on the engine and the pipe thats not shown...its the oem stock pipe too... ty again
  4. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

    80.00 for the tank shipped..ty
  5. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

    LOL well ill say this ... highest offer on the engine gents....:)
  6. cyruss503

    Rupp roadster 2 part out

    Hello all! im checkin to see if anyone wants any parts before i ebay it.... let meknow whats your need and we can talk... paypal is the payment
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  16. cyruss503

    HS40 Side cover

    hellya they are my mahfukkahs lmAO
  17. cyruss503

    HS40 Side cover

    hey i have an hs40 ...damn near complete but apart ya know... whats it look like if ya can show me?
  18. cyruss503

    Rupp Industries Tecumseh

    Sellin one of my rupp engines..Its got great spark and lotsa pop when its got gas but i havent "ran it" so who knows... But im confident sayin it will run.Also including oem muffler and chain guard too. I'll ship it if you pay it and it will arrive in tact as u see it here! lol anyways im lookin...
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