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  1. Stang

    Billet heads for the 6.5 clones

    I don't think Matt Sachs is for sure producing the head with the bathtub chamber. Last thread I read on 4cycle was that he was still testing them and playing with the design. That was just one of the high compression chambers he was trying out. That was a while back so who knows maybe he is...
  2. Stang

    Revolution/ward clutch,,,,,anyone?

    Haven't used it but I use a 1" Jammer Eagle on my 390
  3. Stang

    Electric Start GX390 Honda

    You can get the ARC flywheels with or without the ring. Just give Tom a call over @ ARC
  4. Stang

    pullstart gx390

    Could also be loose rocker lash causing the compression release to not work very well.
  5. Stang

    The German without a Bike .

    Looks good! Where about in Germany do you live? I've been to Regensburg a few times for work and it was a great time!
  6. Stang

    How To Make Mini Bike Street Legal?

    I know for sure in MI you need DOT tires if you are going to register as a motorcycle which would be over 50cc. Unless I could get it passed off as a 50cc moped :P
  7. Stang

    How To Make Mini Bike Street Legal?

    If anyone ever finds DOT tires for a 6" wheel make sure you post where you got them from. I could never find them. I wanted to make my TT500 street legal :(
  8. Stang

    How To Make Mini Bike Street Legal?

    I found this in the Motorcycle Operator Manual on the Michigan site. At minimum, your street-legal motorcycle should have: • Headlight, taillight and brakelight. • Front and rear brakes. • Turn signals. • Horn. • Two mirrors. On the other hand here is the form that is needed to get filled out...
  9. Stang

    How To Make Mini Bike Street Legal?

    Well there is 2 ways that I least in MI Either try to pass it off as a moped, in which you probably just need lights and mirrors. Or try to register it as a motorcycle since the engine displacement is higher then 50cc. This requires some additional things like DOT approved tired...
  10. Stang

    $65.00 GTO "Manpon" seat. Comes with a Taco

    Custom front end!
  11. Stang

    Mini bike racing

    what time are you guys gonna be there?
  12. Stang

    I was OWNED today

    lmao MDB
  13. Stang

    Looking for Boonie Parts

    Good luck :D some of the hardest parts to find along with the jackshaft.
  14. Stang

    I was OWNED today

    LOL the Bubb Rubb is so old lol. That video has been around the internet for a few years. They had a website and someone was making a DVD or some crap of him. I like how he almost hits the car leaving haha.
  15. Stang

    check this home made out.

    Man I love these mini engines, there are a tone of different ones. Even a supercharged V8 someone made now that thing is sweet :D
  16. Stang

    Destroked GX engine?

    ahh found the picture in my album Here is a top view of a 390 and 200 Message - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery
  17. Stang

    Destroked GX engine?

    Probably not, the size difference is too large. I doubt the crank is long enough to fit the width of a 390 you would need to extend the crank O_o. I don't have a 120 but just comparing the size of a 390 case to a 200 case the difference is quite large. Then all the machine work that will be...
  18. Stang

    Mini bike meet in michigan

    Did you not see the post 4 topics down....
  19. Stang

    Honda 900 Go-Kart

    It's dumbasses like that driving in traffic illegally and with no helmet especially that give karts and mini bikes a bad name. Doing stupid shit while traffic is coming. At least the Germans with the gixxer kart had the brains to go to a closed track.
  20. Stang

    2 Killed In Go-Kart Crash

    Wonder if they were wearing helmets. They should be if they are going to be driving by traffic.