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    8Hp Trike Mini Bike

    This is one of a kind trike mini bike. It's have a predator 301cc 8hp engine with a Torque Convertor. This bike is no joke, it hits 55+ mph And pulls the front wheel off the ground with ease. We had to build and fabricate a custom wheelie bar. It is customly built with a live rear axles and...
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    Predator 301cc engine gas tank

    I have a question. I had to move the gas tank on a 301cc engine to fit on a bike. The question is where the gas is leaving the tank, it is about 4 inches lower than the carb. Does this mean it won't suck it up? If so how can I get it to suck it up (such as a fuel pump)? Please let me know. Thanks
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    Murica' Trike build

    Just got finished up building my Trike mini bike. I modified a Baja heat into a trike. It has a HF 301cc predator engine with a torque convertor. It has a new pipe and air filter. I made the seat myself through some go kart slicks on the rear axle.
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    Trike mini bike build with 8hp predator

    Finally got around to start fabricating and finishing this trike mini bike. I've have to modify a lot of the stuff on it. Here are some pictures from today and where I'm at on the build right now. This is my first ever mini bike build to, so keep that in mind.
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    Live axle with Gokart slicks?

    Thanks for all the responses, I've had a technical problem with my computer and haven't been able to get on the forum in a while. I'm going to post more pictures as my build goes on. Hopefully I get some stuff done this week.
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    Live axle with Gokart slicks?

    Is this on bmi?
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    Live axle with Gokart slicks?

    What all would I need to put some 8" gokart slicks on a live axle? really confused with what parts I need.
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    Trike newbie build

    What's up guys. I'm 16 and pretty new to this whole mini bike building thing. I just recently got the skill of welding down, so I thought I outta build a mini bike. After searching the web on what model or type I was going to build I was set on a Trike drag type bike. So this is my plan...
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    Would a Predator 8hp (301cc) fit on a Baja heat ?

    I converted a Baja heat into a 3 wheeler and i saw there having a sale on the predator 8hp at harbor and freight. My main question is do you think that engine would fit in the frame of that bike?
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    3 wheeled mini bike

    What was used to hold the axle?
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    My 3 wheeler doodlebug

    I'm wanting to build one just like this. Do you have a parts list ?
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    Want to build a 3 wheeled mini bike

    Was looking for a trike 3 wheel type. Sorry for not being specific.
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    3 wheeled mini bike

    Do you have a parts list (brakes, axles, etc) for the back end of that blue mini quad? It would be a great help. Thanks
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    How about them new Orleans saints?
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    3 wheeled mini bike

    any suggestions on how to build one?
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    Want to build a 3 wheeled mini bike

    Hi, I'm New to the whole mini bike scene and just wanted to get a recommended parts list from you guys. I'm wanting to build a 3-wheeled mini bike with a 6.hp 212cc engine. I kind of want a drag look to it with slicks but not to big. If you guys Can just kind of list some the parts that i'm...