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    Header or air filter

    When you guys say header, do you mean just the pipe or pipe and muffler? Just wondering because I see a lot of header only for sale. Oz
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    Newbie question

    OHV stands for overhead valve on your engines valve cover.
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    CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

    Finally got it measured tonight. .627 so that's 5/8" in my book. Looks like I'll be getting that dang bushing after all. I forgot to figure the length of key I need. Anyone? I'd go figure it out myself, but I'm in bed already and I'm in the mood to impulse order cool stuff. Oz
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    Chrysler, West Bend Rokon 82007 Motor

    Is Dave at Fillman still at it? I have a 68 Rokon TB and am in need of some advice on my trans. I spoke with him a few years ago, but I never got back to my project. Hope he is keeping em alive. Oz
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    What is a "Supreme" Coleman CT200?

    Reminds me of the discontinued dandelion crayon by Crayola. Some schmuck was asking 5k for one, but other sellers all around him were at like 4 clams. Or a whole box of 36 for 50 bucks. Lol Oz
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    CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

    Interesting. As long as the key tolerance is somewhat tight, it might be the way to go. I haven't taken the time to mic what I have yet. I'll try to make time tomorrow. Thanks for making an effort to check it out fellas. Oz
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    Kenda Road Go Tires

    I looked em up. They certainly look like they would last a long time. Seems like a dual purpose type tread. Might be good for low hp applications where you don't have the power to spin out anyway. Oz
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    Minibikes for fat guys

    I'd be willing to bet a lot of the OldMiniBikes patrons here are older and bigger than one would first think. Lol. Although not huge, I'm 225 and pushing 50. Why I renewed interest in minibiking....I have no idea where that came from. But I'm really digging it. When I was 12 I bought a used heald trail...
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    CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

    I guess I'll have to bust out my caliper and mic my crank. Could have sworn I saw posts on tav conversions for that bike. Oz
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    CNC Shop torque converter on amazon. Yay or nay?

    For my Ct200u. Says it's a comet replacement 218353a. I assume it's just like the rest of the comet clones. It's a 10 tooth 40/41 (420 chain right)? What is the comet belt part# I need? I figure I'll need a chain breaker and master link as well. What you think of this unit? Thanks Oz
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    US Motor 820 (West Bend 820) on s Rupp

    Does well on my 68 Rokon TB, but it does 12mph in 3rd. Lol Oz
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    Ct200u stage 2 kit - anyone try it?

    I think your right Sas. A tav in "low ratio" should be lower than a stock clutch in lockup. Only one way to find out. Oz
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    Hi all. New ct200 owner

    Fomogo. That looks like a super bronc in your avatar. Am I right?
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    Ct200u stage 2 kit - anyone try it?

    Definitely something to consider. I'll do latter mods I mentioned and see how she goes. Cams are something I'll have to research at some point. There seems to be a lot of different grinds out there. If there's one thing I've learned, is not to invite a tuning nightmare to your project by...
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    Ct200u stage 2 kit - anyone try it?

    Thanks for the input guys. I was wondering about those same issues. When bone stock it struggles on a couple of key hills that I have to go up. I can't get enough speed to get the clutch into lockup. If I do get it locked up the minimum speed I need to maintain is too fast for the road...
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    Turning a comet 20 at 8,250 RPM's

    I really like your build. Especially the forks and swing arm
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    Ct200u stage 2 kit - anyone try it?

    From OldMiniBikes warehouse Basically includes angled air filter Bored out stock carb (jet size and emulsion tube not mentioned) 1" header w/screw on muff Valve springs (doesn't state spring tension, guessing 18lb) Choke hold bracket if this is a worthy kit, I'd like it to work well with a tav clutch...
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    New to OldMiniBikes but not bikes

    Thx for the tip danford. It would be nice to get rid of that annoying noise from stock clutch too. The Carl Heald trail bronc I had as a kind had a tc too. Loved it. Of course I weighed 120 lbs at that time lol. Oz
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    New to OldMiniBikes but not bikes

    Right now I'm researching engine/intake/exhaust mods. Looking at OldMiniBikes WH for ideas but am confused as to which way to go. I don't see any descriptions for the headers/muffs that are listed as far as differences in performance are concerned. I plan to gear way down and get rpm's up a bit...
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    Some people have all the luck

    So the moral of the story is.....ALWAYS help out little old ladies