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    Clutch Brake Talk

    There has been a lot of discussion on OMB lately regarding clutch brakes. My foray into finding a solution for ADDING a clutch brake to my minibikes that would be both effective and compatible with my preferred clutch guards opened vistas of new understanding for me. I felt compelled to share it...
  2. J

    2015 Old School Minibike Show....Ann Arbor, MI

    Cheezy, I think you should at least get a free autograph with your $20 fan club membership:laugh:
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    If you have one of my seats post a pic

    Just received my new seat for my Taco 99, modelled with the old engine. Beautiful!
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    Bbq and ride

    Keep me posted mbdutch! Or text me. I'll come over the hill and ride with you guys:thumbsup:
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    Someone To Bend and Weld A Custom Header For Predator

    I'm going to try what Manchester said and try to find a local muffler shop to do it. Basically though what I'm looking for is to shorten them so they don't stick out past the frame. The first one is the OMB underseat header, it's too elongated and the muffler adds 7". I would like a pipe that...
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    '69 Taco T100 build finished!

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    Help! My brand new mini bike refuses to start--clone engine

    Hey GO blue, sounds like you're set too low. On your carb turn the black idle screw a quarter turn clockwise and restart. Like buckeye says slowly turn the choke off. Put the front wheel up against the wall so it don't jump on you! Once it's running you can turn it more or less til it hits a...
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    Someone To Bend and Weld A Custom Header For Predator

    Need 1" custom bent Predator header, underseat style like OMB but more compact, shorter, flange welded, etc. contact me for details and quote. Thx, JB
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    Big tire bike

    Manco Big Cat. Go get it looks like fun!:thumbsup:
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    "69 Taco T100 Build

    Lookin' super super beefy n tight. Great everything!:thumbsup:
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    Clutch Band Brakes: Pictures and Information

    Jdogg that is just sick! The shape is almost proprietary looking of some brand:thumbsup: Here is my new clutch brake. I saw this setup on boatguy's yellow Lil Indian and adapted it to my Taco 99. I'm going to do the same treatment on my other two Lil Indians next. (Good thing I got some touch...
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    Lets see your modded out Doodlebugs.

    57.7! Daaaang, you is fearless my brother:thumbsup:
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    Tav test ride video

    Big fun mb! How is your top speed? Take off good? When did you become metalized rocker??:laugh:
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    Help buying clutch

    OMB Warehouse did not carry the replacement spring or wedge shoes, so not wanting to pay double shipping I ordered from Max-Torque Clone Engine Clutch :: Max Torque Clutches :: Clutches :: Comet Kart Sales Max-Torque Wedge Style Heavy Clutch Shoes :: Max Torque Clutches ...
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    Help buying clutch

    Tator, I'm using the same engine, mods and rear sprocket as you. I started initially with the basic Max-Torque clutch and I had problems with the clutch engaging at idle, or staying engaged when I wanted to stop. It was not the idle setting. It was hell figuring that out but switching to the...
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    My mini bike is trying to kill me

    Minibikes are cute. I think we forget that these are powerful little things. For exactly this reason, anytime I make a major clutch, idle or jet change, I put the front wheel up to the wall when restarting.
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    (1971 grand series sabre lil indian mini bike restored) before and after pics

    Well, you might just have a Homemade Freak Bike there tee. I wanna like it cos I like the model but there's a lot goin on wrong in my opinion: gas tank looks backwards, seat could be right outta 'what were they thinkin?' section. You're not gonna get points here for putting an old HF clone in a...
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    Birch Man

    This is the Allace Heartly Project. I've played with Allace (pronounced like Wallace) for a good part of the last ten years touring casinos in CA, NV and AZ. Very strong voice, this is his solo project. A one man band but no drum machine for Allace! He says I spoiled him and if he must perform...
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    Birch Man

    Steve, yes that was definitely syncopated. I started playing so long ago (53 years!) in the beginning I was into Gene Krupa, Jack Sperling (Pete Fountain) Buddy Rich, whatever my parents were playing on the record player. When the Beatles first came out in '64, I thought Ringo was retarded for...