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  1. Casey Davis

    OldMiniBikes members best "quotes"

    "I love turtles..." - trailhopper
  2. Casey Davis

    1974 Honda QA50

    I love the QA's! Far more sexy than the CT's. I want to find a complete one to fully restore someday before its too late.
  3. Casey Davis

    Honda FL 250 Water Cooled Head

    I can't see your thumbnail image very well, but it appears to be a Rand head. You can use a 1976 CR250M copper gasket to match or cover the dowel hole with a stock FL250 gasket. Stock FL250's did not come with two dowel holes from what I know. Some other jugs in that era did though.
  4. Casey Davis

    Brochures: Cat Muskin Dune Cat TriCart

    Still for sale? I need the "Original Dune Cat Assembly Operating Instructions and Parts manual". K3 - See the two Tri-Cat models side by side in the brochure?
  5. Casey Davis

    71 el burro ??????

  6. Casey Davis

    O/T Tx. vintage kart exhibition

    Schedule That's the Fall 4 race day, so who knows. Knowing will be a liability issue.
  7. Casey Davis

    1970 Muskin TRI-CAT

    I was about to post that there were two body types. The one you have doesn't appear like the popular R8501 ads. It appears like the other. Like the ones the team used. Does it still have it's "gold" sticker?
  8. Casey Davis

    Hallucinogenic,, This is what a #1 nut thinks

    Really nice/clean carbs. I want the 18 C.
  9. Casey Davis

    1970 Muskin TRI-CAT

    I would like to see that color next to my sons Dune Cat. Wish I had a Tri Cat.
  10. IMG_4799


  11. Casey Davis

    1975 Duster MX

    Nice job Dave! Looks grand.
  12. Casey Davis

    The Official CHOPPER Photo Thread

  13. Casey Davis

    This mean anything to you PA boys

    That's cool. I want to see the decal on the rear of the seat too! Nice bike.
  14. Casey Davis

    Let's talk mini bikes!!

    It's been bought. Wonder if someone here will be posting it soon.
  15. Casey Davis

    AutoMagic Carbs

    You're absolutely right. Kinda similar to Craftsman?
  16. Casey Davis

    Thinking about buying this. Would like to know what it is first.

    I think you're referring to the scrub brake. I'm talking about the small bracket that holds the disc brake caliper.
  17. Casey Davis

    AutoMagic Carbs has some info on the replacement carbs.
  18. Casey Davis

    Let's talk mini bikes!!

    Looks nice. HPE/Muskin should have had a special bike using a white Tecumseh. Dodge had the "White Hat Special's"...
  19. Casey Davis

    Picked up a 'nanza 1100 last night

    Nice! You can help me figure paint on mine... Now that the badge thread is old, the two different Bonanza blue shades should be next. Haha! One of my mid-peg bikes has grips with a weird logo in the inside. A devils pitchfork and the two initials- M and P.. Ever heard of them?
  20. Casey Davis

    Let's talk mini bikes!!

    Did you ever use the all black one I sent? I have a cut of that blue material for reference.