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    What happened to the build offs?

    The same categories they always use. Always enjoyed the build off, I like having the deadlines seems like the only way I get things done. Im in if we have one
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    carb is not looks like its from a enduro ohv the second fitting is for breather hose that goes to valve cover.Just get a correct replacement carb there under $20
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    Still don't know what this is.

    terra 444
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    hs40 broken cam

    I bought this engine months ago non runner.Seller gave up on it,found camshaft broken and it looks like fatique,Both sides smooth every thing else is good. its a first for me
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    go to Jacks small engine and you can look up your part numbers you need
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    1" handle bars?

    Your not going to find much in the way of parts in Ontario I buy almost every thing in the US,Other problem is a lot wont ship to Canada because of Duty,Taxes.I use USaddress Niagara Falls NY have every thing shipped there and just pick up from them There 10 minutes across the border
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    Misc Motor Mount Matters...

    arctic cat only used three on tecumseh eng
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    Fox Campus body question. Think I need a expert.

    There is also steel flat bar on the top side that the mounting bolts go through need it on before you glue and staple the seat on
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    Fox Campus body question. Think I need a expert.

    The body you have looks high in the rear mine are 3 inch
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    Fox Campus body question. Think I need a expert.

    top 14 bottom 12 1/2
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    Fox Campus body question. Think I need a expert.

    I have a blue and red one,is there a mesurement you need?There both the same
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    Crankshaft Thread Size?

    to keep on topic thread size for the pto shaft clutch bolt is 5/16x24 as @SAT posted
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    Side Popper Exhaust Help

    1/2 street elbow
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    I keep losing set screws!

    I would replace that rear tire bad weather crack
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    Help identifying please

    Sold through Eatons
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    Should I drive 3 1/2 (round trip) to buy this?

    regret the things you do and not the things you should have
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    1970 Speedway Scorpion rehab update

    too bad your post was hijacked
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    1970 Speedway Scorpion rehab update

    70 speedways have a great look and great tip on the goodyear belt
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    Valve & Seat... box?

    you can chuck your valve in a drill press and use a file they turn out good
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    Gentlemen, I think I have a problem.

    you dont have a problem yet,just what I have at home another 10 at the shop