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    Cat Muskin

    What size should the rear tire be on the Cat Eliminator
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    Chain guard

    Looking to buy a 1970 Rupp Sprint chain guard.
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    70 Sprint Chain Guard

    Looking to buy a Chain Guard for a 70 Rupp Sprint. radams7425 Looking to buy a Chain Guard for a 1970 Rupp Sprint.
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    Cat Muskin Fender Clips

    I need the Fender clips to install Cat Muskin fenders,
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    Independence Day

    Happy 4th of July
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    Cat Eliminator Seat

    Looking to buy a Seat for a Cat Eliminator, someone had a NOS Seat and I couldn't afford it at the time, I need one now.
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    Cat fender clips

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    Cat fender clips

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    70 Rupp Sprint Chain Guard

    1970 Rupp Sprint Chain Guard , good condition, no dents or deep pitting. 300.00 obo plus shipping.
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    Rupp Chain Guard Chopper ?

    Rupp Chain Guard Chopper ? 300.00
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    Rupp Rascal Chain Guard

    Rupp Rascal Chain Guard , some pitting not too bad, could be re chromed. 300.00 plus shipping obo
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    Cat fender clips

    I still need Cat Fender Clips
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    Cat fender clips

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    Old School H22

    I'm looking for an early H 22 or H35 for a Dart Cycle
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    Cat eliminator

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    Dart Cycle chain guard