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  1. jeep2003

    Why Are Some Engines Canted Forward?

    Just for looks
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    The Official Minibike Wheel Thread

    Bird 10" x 2.5 with Fox tires
  3. jeep2003

    Springer Fork Extension Idea

    yeah they look like this kinda tapered a little so it gets tighter as you thread it in
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    Springer Fork Extension Idea

    Just put it in the vice and make it flatter. But for the extension idea you are over complicating it. Just make piece of sheetmetal with a couple holes in it. Like 1/8" thick. Thats what super broncs have they dont have eyelets on the end just ribbs on the sheetmeat piece that thread into the...
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    FS: Tecumseh HS50

    Tecumseh HS50 its a runner ser. 92530 $110. plus shipping from vestal NY.
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    Do New Clutches Have a Wear-In Period?

    I would ride it more and hard to get it hot and see what it does. But if it doesnt help I would stretch the spring a bit . Use side cutters to wedge the spirals apart. Just a hand full of them at a time between tests so they show a little gap. You can always make it stiffer again by shortening...
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    Other Hobbies

    When i was little it was matchbox cars and legos and gokarts and bicycling. Still into the diecast cars and gokarts and bike ride almost every day. Then got into jeeps when i was a teenager and still into them as strong as ever. Hobbys that came and went include rc cars, roller skates, scroll...
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    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    I have every issue of Excellence up to about about 5 years ago. Not worth anything yet My neighbor had a 280sl just like this one about 15 years ago. I suspect he bought it new. IT might even be the same one. I should have asked about it when i had the chance...
  14. jeep2003

    Kelsey Hayes 200M brake caliper

    mine is a 200 MES . There are subtle differences for sure. I suspect it will work but I dont know for sure. H-H was a division of kelsey hayes
  15. jeep2003

    Kelsey Hayes 200M brake caliper

    i have this one
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    What the heck is going on? Please help..

    I find the hillard clutches often have this problem. Rarely on a max-torque or chinese knockoff. I guess the tolearances are tighter on the hillard. But the clutches that come on chinese bikes like the bajas seem to often come in with weak overheated springs that have not enough tension to...
  17. jeep2003

    Jeep2003's Radical Ramrod BBO 2013 Open Class

    Cool it seems like most old jeeps have pretty low miles they arnt exactly great for the road lol. My 46 has like 8k on the clock and my cj5 has 25k i got it at 17k but it was a plow truck since 73. the fc has 15k on it I think it was always local it had an old bumper sticker from oxford motors...
  18. jeep2003

    Here We Go Again.

    That sounds awful. Hopefully you have a hobby that can occupy your down time without stress. Sitting in front of a screen all year cant be good. I worked with a guy that had his hip replaced 8 times! Maybe more by now i havnt talked to him in a while. He hit a tree on a sled when he was a teenager.
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    OldMiniBikes Buyers Beware !

    lol he must have been standing on the scale with it
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    Antique style Tractor

    HAh thanks! Yeah sometimes working on old projects Im like I dont remember building this how and why did I do that. Other people certainly put more time into making things pretty and professional but I do alright for working with scrap metal