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    Baja Doodlebug clutch cover

    I made my own
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    What Sprockets Are You Running?

    No, left that outta the updated posts. New ish engine, been on the go kart for two years. Exhaust manifold worked its way loose. It's fairly quiet now, and even flat out is fine. Installed the digital tachometer this morning, looks like I need to adjust the governor because it's only hitting...
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    What Sprockets Are You Running?

    Took an actual measurement, looks like overall tire height about 14.5" I thought they were 10, so I guess that makes my numbers a bit more agreeable. Not really looking for big speed, single rear brake is a bit sketchy... dunno how some of y'all are seeing 40+mph without head tube bearings...
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    What Sprockets Are You Running?

    Related question. Would a Comet clone be another means to keep the revs down while maintaining a decent cruise speed? Or do they mostly keep the engine spinning in the powerband at all times?
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    What Sprockets Are You Running?

    Thanks for the reply. Think I'm just going to keep it how it is, doesn't seem like there's all that much cruising speed to pick up from a small change, and the clatter from the clutch would increase with a larger change in gearing. Just going to see how it is at the track in a couple weeks...
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    16hp engine with electric start for 189.99 wow??? a steal?

    Hm. Since I robbed the 212 from the go kart for the bike, this might be an even better choice for the 2 seater kart
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    How do you haul / camp

    No pictures, but camping brings a 34ft travel trailer with 2-3 bikes in the bed if fair weather travels or drain the tanks and carbs and load em in the camper if rain forecasted. Race track they usually go on the car trailer if only bringing one. Up in the bed if bringing two or three.
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    What Sprockets Are You Running?

    Hi, new guy here, been lurking for a few days. Bought a barely used (original gas in the tank) Baja Racer 97cc and after doing gas n oil change, it was underwhelming to say the least. Threw a Predator 212 on it and am very happy with the low end torque. Can ride me and my 4yr old son on...
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    Bolt-on-only advice for a 212cc?

    You could change the gearing - decrease tooth count on rear sproket, or increase on front sproket to increase top speed. But without spinning the engine faster, you're stuck with the governed maximum RPM on the engine to determine top speed of the driven wheel. Note that changing gear ratios...