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    Minibike on steroids

    Wow, I've not been on much lately, and this is why,They're are some really good and nice, helpful people on this forum and to them I say thanks! But they're are others that behave so distastefully that it really spoils the good others are doing.
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    Crankshaft drill and tap guide

    I'd Take a 3/4" also, Price?
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    raptor 2 weak link

    Hi, everyone. I just recieved my NOS Raptor2 from a fellow member(thanks lil digger) and I am like a kid at Christmas. I have read that the rod is a weak point in the motor, as it is ungoverened . Is a billit rod and better bolts advised? I'm not going to be racing but you know how a guys wrist...
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    Stainless Steel sissy bars

    Those look great! Do you have any intentions of doing handle bars at some time?
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    I got an old Morris Mini!

    Go Mr. Bean!
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    Raptor 2 recoil

    I'm looking for a recoil pull start that will work on a Raptor 2 briggs.
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    Garage ventless heater

    Glad you got some BTU's going, I live in the middle of the mitten and I understand BRRRRRR!
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    Raptor 2 ridability

    Thanks guys, I'm making the deal as we speak!
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    NOS Briggs Raptor II

    pm'd you.
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    Raptor 2 ridability

    Does anyone have experience riding a mini with a stock raptor 2 motor, I'm considering buying one but I want to make sure it isn't going to be a bad mannered stallion, Any thoughts?:scared: By the way, It's going on a Manco Trailcat( not the big tire style) Also, Tav vs. centrifugul ?
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    front end geometry

    Thank you Dave for the very informative and concise explanation, Steve.
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    front end geometry

    I was reading a thread concerning front end geometry and the presence of " offset" as opposed to 0 degree "offset", Is this referring to the placement of the axle to the center of the fork tube?:confused:
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    Seems to be some angry forum cops on this site.

    What we have here is failure to communicate!
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    My kingdom for an axle bolt!!!!!
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    OldMiniBikes rear sprockets

    If you have used a OldMiniBikes AZ 2151 sprocket or something comparable, were you satisfied with the quality? I have to have whatever brand I get machined, So I don't want to get something that won't last.
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    HPE Muskin Cat handle bars

    Great, What are you looking to get for them?
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    Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

    I thought we were talking about motors...:confused:
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    HPE Muskin Cat handle bars

    Happy New Year! Ring in 2017 with a pair of handle bars for a brother:thumbsup:
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    Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

    I'm curious about what people on OldMiniBikes think about this comparison,Tec 5.5 Power Sport OHV vs. A vintage Tec 4or5 hp flathead. The chosen motor will be going on a Manco Trailcat.