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    NOS still on here?

    Thanks @mustangfrank. He had so many user names he went by...but let's try. @Newoldstock you still out there?
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    NOS still on here?

    Been a long time since I've been active on here. Still have a lot of mini bikes though. Got an email from Photobucket a few weeks back about logging I did and was reminded of all that I used to share on here. Anyways, long story short I got to thinking about some conversations we had...
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    97 Geo Metro or Mini bike?

    Loved the metro I had in college. 45 mpg if I babied it. 38 if I beat it.
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    turned a tote got into a robot, not litterly

    He built the claw bot. I teach robotics and use VEX every day.
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    oil crank seal replacement

    To replace junk seals, I screw a drywall screw into it and pull with pliers.
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    CNC plasma table

    What brand/model you end up getting for the table and plasma?
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    Strocker motor

    Shouldn't the block welding have been done before boring it over. I'd be concerned with the bore distorting.
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    CNC plasma table

    I use a Torchmate Growth Series 2x4 with a Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma cutter. Has a water table and routing attachment.
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    Anybody know about Combining OTA antennas?

    Wondering the same thing. Especially with powered antennas
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    My HS 50 build up

    ^This. I learned the hard way.
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    How Much are you Milling your heads?

    Couldn't you chuck your adapter in a 4 jaw chuck and try to better center the head so it isn't so off balance?
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    turbo diesel minibike!

    Doodle Bugs have suspension forks. Think the Trail Bug is the one with rigid forks.
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    gx160 crank

    I have some 5.5hp (gx160) clone cranks if none of these guys come through
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    mobility buggy

    Looks like a pocket bike engine turned on its side with the carb rotated. I wanna know where he got the hubs from. Looks like a cool build
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    Best Oil to use

    Sad thing is the mower probably wasn't much more than $1200 new but the owner was too dumb to buy a new mower.
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    Honda ES6500 Generator wont stay running ...

    When you turn the key on it should retract.
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    K&S Hornet by Scottessey. 2015 build off JFF class

    After see this K&S makes me want to throw mine in the dumpster. Beautiful job. I think you need fatter tires on there. Vintage equivalent of 145/70-6's.
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    Mini bike clutch help

    3/16" x 3/16" x 3/4" long piece of keystock. Take your clutch with you to the hardware store and find two setscrews that fit.
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    Long rod predator build

    I like what I'm seeing in this thread. What degree did you have to set the compound rest to to turn the gx taper on the crank?
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    Custom Intake Manifolds???

    Thanks for the information.