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    My winter project for Windber.
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    Junk roller chain

    Can someone please tell me where to get heavy duty #41 chain? The #41 chain I get from OMB is nothing more than bicycle chain that breaks within 1 hour of use on my minibikes, the pins split the side links every time (junk).
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    Correct spelling of...

    Help me out folks. What is the correct way to spell this? 1. Mini Bike 2. Minibike 3. Mini-Bike Thanks, Mariah :confused::doah:
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    Drum Brake tune up

    Cut shallow notches in the trailing shoe only to even shoe wear. This will help to keep the brakes from loss of their effectiveness as the shoes wear with use.
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    Broncco Renegade Rear Fender

    I would like to get a rear plastic fender for my Broncco Renegade. Any spares out there to get my bike finished? Thanks, Mariah
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    Modified T/C belt

    My Broncco Renegade uses a 5/8" symmetrical belt which seems to be made of unobtanium, the only belt I could find would creep because it was 3/4" wide and too short. What I tried was using an asymmetrical belt for a Manco(?) and drum sanding the angle so it resembled the symmetrical belt that...
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    Broncco Laser is running

    Runs good, rides smooth, the refinishing can wait till winter time!
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    New member from PA

    Hi everybody, I'm Mariah and I just got joined up after over a year of trying, technical glitches with my server or whatever! Been riding minibikes and trikes since my teenage years, guess that's in my blood cause I'm still doing it 45+ years later. I never realized there were so many...