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    Try here.
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    Engine swap 79 for a 98cc predator

    Did you fix the engine plate yet?
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    Nasty Nate the scammer on ebay

    Nate is that you? Maybe it's Nate's mommy come to stick up for him.
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    Tecumseh Sears Find

  5. Triley41395

    Continental 1220 Engine???

    Post a few pictures of the entire bike, I'd like to see it. Thanks
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    Help please

    I'm not sure how much difference there is supposed to be between the bore and piston but looking at your dimensions you have 67.75mm for the bore and 67.5mm for the piston. That's a .25mm difference. .25÷25.4= .0098 difference. The piston will fit that bore according to what you measured. Is...
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    Turkey preference?

    Nap time....
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    Dallas 1 p.m.

    High mom was in 10th grade.
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    Turkey preference?

    Cut mine up last Saturday, packed it in jars and pressure canned it. My wife is making homemade egg noodles and we will add a jar of turkey and done...Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Free Minibike

    Arctic cat, I am going to get me one, one of these days.
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    Talk about insane!

    Yeah, spammers with BS links. I reported it.
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    Bride of Frankenstein - a cure for leftover parts cluttering the workshop.

    That thing is great. You've done a fine job building and chronicled your build very nicely. I hope to see some more of your future endeavors even if they are not mini's. Thank you sir for letting us be a part of your build.
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    Found a picture of a bike my Dad built in the late 60s..

    You should build a replica, rope start and all.
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    My first Rupp.

    Not sure of the exact years they used them, but if you look under the seat there might be a serial number.
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    After the initial sticker shock, thinking about it if I buy a good set of wheels, pay to have them burnished and put on tires them I'm probably not going to be that far from the price.
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    Nice wheels but damn almost 700.00... Inflation is bad, but not that bad
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    I just bought this. What is it?

    The same seller had a lower section about 6 months ago. I think it is part of a Terra.
  18. Triley41395

    Any ideas on this one?

    Looks like a trailhorse and yes the scrub brake was added
  19. Triley41395

    Need help with bike ID!

    It think the engine is Tohatsu, I think that's what the symbol is but not certain.
  20. Triley41395

    Locked up raptor

    Honestly, and I think most will agree, best case your only going to save the block, piston and rod. Most likely every thing else is shot.