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    Old bonanza

    After looking at the comment from Markus he is correct 1965 66 this would be a transitional of the last lightning bolt with 1967 Bc1300 bike . I have two earlier Lightning Bolts swingarm bikes which actually the first of the rear shock Lightning Bolt bikes that are totally different and have...
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    Old bonanza

    The old timers will Definitely Agree with me !!! I have five Lightning bolts and hours of researching them
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    Old bonanza

    Patina is Great but the ad is not saying it is a lightning bolt but he does have possibly 1965 listed but it is 101% NOT
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    Old bonanza

    Snowflake General's are the oldest part that would be correct for a Lightning and badge might be repop
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    Old bonanza

    The engine is dated after 1969 and newer. It does have snowflake general's . Nice touch Lol !!!
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    Old bonanza

    Don't be taken for a fool with this one !!! If you need more info ask !!!
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    Old bonanza

    The only thing that is a Lightning Bolt on that bike is the badge and maybe a repop at that !!!
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    1969 LIL Indian Grand Sport —EBay

    Terrific Bike !!!
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    Mickey Thompson Mickey Bike Wanted / Parts

    Still looking !
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    Mickey Thompson Mickey Bike Wanted / Parts

    Still Needing !!! Happy Thanksgiving !!!
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    Quarter Horse on Ebay

    Very Rare Very Collectable Quarter Horse Mini Bike !!!! Just posted
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    Mickey Thompson Mickey Bike Wanted / Parts

    Frame/Forks/Wheels/Etc. Also Aggie Mini Bike parts Mark 412-277-5803 Ty !!!
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    Happy birthday Robert c!!

    Happy Birthday !!!
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    Happy birthday Robert c!!

    Happy Birthday !!!
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    Wanted Mickey Bikes Parts or Aggie

    Still Looking
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    Edelbrock head for Briggs Raptor/5HP...only for cool kids!

    Any more pictures of the engine with the head. ??? Different angle's ???
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    Again with the scammers.

    This is out of control the scamming has taken over this site. You can't go on this site without trying to be scammed
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    Be careful. There seems to be a couple scammers working the wanted ads.

    It is Completely Out of Control on this Site !!! I had four respond on one listing !!! I left a message with Hent but still have not got a response to tell him !!! No transactions on this site unless i know them !!!! Very Very Bad !!!
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    Mark 412 277 5803
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    Hent !!! Can you call me at your Convenience Mark Mariani 412-277-5803. Hemicharger. Thank You !!!