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  1. oldsledz

    Michigan Minibike history

    my friend is still looking for more info and photos for Michigan made Bikes trikes and snowmobiles, anyone have photos or info on the bikes made in Lakeview MI ? Here is a link to his site.
  2. oldsledz

    Hi Steve, do you still have the bike made in Lakeview MI or even some photos ? I have a...

    Hi Steve, do you still have the bike made in Lakeview MI or even some photos ? I have a friend working on the history of MI made bikes he is looking for more info on the bikes and photos. Thanks Cliff
  3. oldsledz

    Michigan Minibike history

    I have a friend that is making a web page for Michigan made Minibikes, trikes , Snowmobiles ect. I have sent hime what info I have but am sure I have missed some. Can anyone help with what we have missed. Here is a link to what he has so far.
  4. oldsledz

    Brooks roller in MI
  5. oldsledz

    Detroit Mini Bike Gambler!! Sept 15th 2019

    Has anyone checked with Lucky Thumb Motorcycle club about minibike racing? LUCKY THUMB MOTORCYCLE CLUB Racing
  6. oldsledz

    Man offers free Azz Whoopin's

    The ad says no kids over 13 and the guy has a bandaid on his forehead, he must have got popped by a 14 year old
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    Wheel ID

    Thanks for the info, I bought a rough gocart frame to get the rims so I have one front and one drive wheel. Now put them on a shelf until a project.
  8. oldsledz

    Wheel ID

    I must be getting old, I should know what this wheel is but don't remember. It is 5 inch.
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    I am offering this MiniMate for sale. Original paint, decals and wheels. good tires starts and runs good, but sometimes will not idle. 300.00 picked up in Midland Michigan.
  12. MiniMate


    Allied Leisure Minimate
  13. MiniMate


    Allied Leisure Minimate
  14. MiniMate


    Allied Leisure Minimate
  15. oldsledz

    8 HP Honda

    I have an 8 HP Honda engine , will it bolt directly into a minibike or will I need to off set it? Thanks
  16. oldsledz

    What HP is this Tecumseh

    Google Craftsman to Tecumseh and you can find a chart to cross check the numbers.
  17. oldsledz

    Post your cars!

    1996 Chevy good condition for a 22 year old Michigan truck.
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    1996 Chevy
  19. oldsledz

    Any advice on parts for putting my bike together cheaply

    The cheapest way would be to sell the taco frame and buy a roller.
  20. oldsledz

    What is this worth?

    I will give 2.98 that is rubble what it is worth.