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    That's ScooterBoy's old bike...check your living room, you already own it.
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    The post you're quoting is almost 10 years old .
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    please id this

    Arco Bushwacker or similar....
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    Wanted: CAT400x Parts

    The OP just asked for pictures and price yesterday, the day AFTER you tried skimming the parts. Regardless of what the OP does you don't belong in this thread unless you have the parts he's looking for. It's that simple. Everytime you post another one of your comments you bump the ad again...
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    1970's 3wheel mini

    Muskin Tri-Cat was Briggs powered. Also had Goodyear Compass tires on it so maybe.... .
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    Wanted: CAT400x Parts

    Send photos and price to who ? You ? You're in somebody else's want ad !
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    Anything Goes! Another Dutch minibike build from scratch.

    Impressive fabrication work and great looking shop you have there. I spend as much time looking around at the equipment and tools as I do the bike .
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    Barn find Rupp

    HS40...April 9th, 1970.
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