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  1. massacre

    18lb Valve Springs With Stock Cam?

    Hello, I noticed that my stock Hs50 seems to float the valves around 3800 RPM. Bike has billet rod and 22mm Chikuni, straight pipe header. I have a spare set of 18lb valve springs and the automotive style retainers. Would installing the heavier springs allow me to get som more revs out of the...
  2. massacre

    Lighting Coil and High RPM Question

    Hello, I recently upgraded the performance of one of my Hs50s and it now revs up more, and quicker. My lighting coil is on my stock engine, but I am liking the cammed engine more lol If I put the lighting coil on the hi po engine, I was wondering if there would be any adverse effects, either...
  3. massacre

    3.25 x 10 Trials Tires

    Hello, I have an MTD Trail Flite with 3.25 x 10 trials tires on it. These tires are OK but was looking for something better than OK for when I take it off road. Looking around I am not finding any 3.25 x 10 tires, but found some nice looking 3 x 10 tires. Would it be a huge problem to use 3 x...
  4. massacre


    I was having a hard time firing off the new motor, turned out it was the head gasket. New key, new head gasket and she started second pull!
  5. massacre

    Valve Cover/Breather

    Hello, Is it possible to lose enough compression through the valve cover/breather area of an Hs50 to make the engine not start? I can hear air hissing out from that area when I pull it over, and the engine has spark, and is timed correctly. Valves are opening at the correct times, points break...
  6. massacre

    Need ID On This Bike

    I remember posting this before, but about 1/2 of my media pics are gone from the gallery. It was ID’d before but that was a couple years ago and the thread is also gone Bike came to me without engine plate. Wheels may or may not be original. Thank You!
  7. massacre

    Lighting Coil Questions

    Hello, I have searched here and found some threads but many of the links are dead. Basically when it comes to 12v DC, I am very experienced using it and wiring things up. I understand it pretty well and don’t usually have many problems. This is the first lighting coil I have ever installed...
  8. massacre

    Spark advance on points Hs50

    Hello I did a search and found some threads on this subject, but all of the links are dead. As far as I know, the points for Hs50 should be set at .035” before TDC. This particular Hs50 has billet rod, .010” over, dyno 245 cam, decent valve springs and retainers and slide carb. I am wondering...
  9. massacre

    WTB: H35 Blower Shroud

    Hello, Looking for old style H35 shroud with the rounded top (not square). Can have recoil attached or not, does not matter. ID tag does not matter. Should be in decent shape, some rust OK but not rotted, does not have to be perfect. Let me know what you have, have paypal can send money...
  10. massacre

    Piston Too Tight In Bore

    Hello, I have a bigger bore HS50 where the bore was worn so I bought a .010 over thick ring piston and rings for it. Brought block to machine shop with piston and rings and they bored it out. After installing the piston and putting everything together, the piston is too tight in the bore. Or...
  11. massacre

    WTB. HS40 ID Plate

    Hello, I have a shroud with the ID tag missing. I would like to add an ID tag for HS 40, 1968-1970 if possible. Let me know what you have, I have paypal ready Thanks!
  12. massacre

    Brake Light Switch

    So I decided that I would like to add tail, brake and headlight to my MTD Trail Flite. Bike has drum brakes with cables. I bought a switch that will work, and had a plan to make it all work. Plan was to weld a small bracket to the underside of the mounted part of the brake handle to mount the...
  13. massacre

    WTB: HS40 Lighting Coil and Flywheel

    Hello, Looking for a lighting coil and matching flywheel for an HS40 points engine. Must be in good working condition. Have Paypal can send money immediately if the parts are good. Thanks and have a nice day!
  14. massacre

    Put a Headlight and Taillight on my MTD

    So ever since I got my MTD Trail Flite I have been toying with the idea of putting lights on it. The headlight brackets had been bent back flat and looked kinda crappy. Wasn’t even sure if the bracket for the taillight would even work. Bike had no lights when I got it. Was looking around...
  15. massacre

    Power Lines

    End of my street leads to power lines. I recently discovered that my buddy’s house also has power lines at the end of his street, next town over. Looking at google earth, I discovered that they are on the same trunk, so I have been trying to figure this out. It’s about 4 miles as the crow flies...
  16. massacre

    Extended Oil Fill Tube?

    Hello, Trying to get the tav cover settled on my MTD, I noticed that after the mounting plate is installed, the oil fill will be hard to get to. I know they make those plastic extended fill tubes for the snowblowers, but that is not robust enough and way too tall. Extended oil fills are...
  17. massacre

    Gomas Swap Meet

    Who’s going?
  18. massacre

    Lighting Coil/Electric Starter Question

    Hello, I have an Hs50 with H35 non lighted aluminum flywheel and thin H35 shroud. I am looking to add a lighting coil to this engine. Optimally, I would like to also add a small 12v battery and electric starter to this bike as well. In order to fit under the thin shroud, would I need an H35...
  19. massacre

    FS: Rupp Kickstand

    New Rupp 10” center style kickstand, bought off eBay couple years ago. I was going to try and modify it to fit my MTD Trail Flite but never did. 10” tall. $20 plus shipping. PayPal only thanks!
  20. massacre

    WTB MTD Trail Flite Center Mounted Kickstand

    Hello, I need a kickstand for my MTD Trail Flite, the kind that is center mounted and folds up under the bike. Have paypal and will pay a good price. You can see a pic here thanks let me know what you have