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  1. delray

    threads and dates being change or delated.

    I been noticing lately threads and dates have been changing or delated. for example I posted a event for this year. (symco 2019) now I am seeing last year symco's event posting now has 2019 on it . instead of 2018? you can still see under the date it said july 2 from 2018 posted from a member...
  2. delray

    SYMCO Hotrod & Kustom, Mini bike racing. Aug 9-10

    click here for more info on the show...….. minibike drag classes. circle track classes. Big thanks for OMB and gopowersports getting on board this year. and simple tom and his drawings. i'm just posting the info. for any question about the event just read the...
  3. delray

    Mazo Motion Mini Bike Drags and car show and flat track event

    facebook link for more info also a lot of the guys that will be drag racing that day will be going over later in the day to aztalan flat track racing with there minibikes i am not part of this...
  4. delray

    Bike Show/Ride and Race Night.

    Last weekend my friend had a bike show and ride on is property/country road and later that night we had some minibike racing at a local small clay track. here are a few pictures I took in the morning before the crowd showed up. later that afternoon we headed out to the local...
  5. delray


    NORTHERN ROUND-UP 2019 5th Anniversary Celebration JUNE 28-30 or facebook i am not part of this, just posting it.
  6. delray

    820 west bend wins

    I thought this was very cool to see. last winter they had some indoor minibike racing in Milwaukee and in the main class a minibike with a 820 west bend wins the race. sometimes it's not always the motor that wins. it can be the way the bike is setup to turn left,driver,track,gearing ….etc.. but...
  7. delray

    dick trickle

    man that I watch every Friday night at capital super speedway when I was a kid with my brothers,dad and one of my uncle's. never forgotten dick trickle 99 white night.
  8. delray

    spring chart

    here is a must to have when installing aftermarket springs with your stock cam or aftermarket cams. big thanks from ole4. I had him send it to me so I could copy it and repaste it so everybody could look at correct. something forsure to copy and save on your computer for future projects.
  9. delray

    valve seat cutting

    I seen this video last night and could not believe what I was seeing. never seen a person take a neway cutter and spin it to the moon on a seat with a drill and socket. to me that would be way to much material taken off. not sure about his other ethics too and this guy has people paying him to...
  10. delray


    temperature last night on my truck. yes that's minus -23 farrenheit
  11. delray


    other day I was watching an episode of jay leno garage and guess what I caught in the back ground...
  12. delray

    mega moto bike

    man this could be a real bad ass minibike if china would just improve just couple things on it. first thing they need to have a good knobby tire allow you to corner it on rough off road trails and rear suspension.. is it possible to...
  13. delray

    round gas tank

    round gas tank. comes with a 1 3/4"vented gas cap with a 1/2 extension added to the filler neck. this was original added on for a project to allow the filler neck to extend through a hole. I would say this is a big tank and is more ideal for a mid-large frame bike. standard 1/8 npt pipe thread...
  14. delray


    here is something to beware of when installing new bearings. not all new bearing are always grease good. I like to use a dental pick to pop of the seal. check out how little amount of grease was installed in this one. 3/4's of it is still dry on one side of it..:doah:
  15. delray

    vintage clutch

    ok guys I pickup this vintage clutch away back and now I am going to use it on a 3hp Tecumseh for a unrestored bananza bc 1100 bike. at first I thought it was just a mercury clutch and after further inspection it's not. letters stamp on it say ALLSTATE. looks just like a mercury from the front...
  16. delray

    tecumseh save the day

    twice now this little guy has save the day. first time was out at windber when my couisin alternator died right before we got to jeff property. the truck was still running but everything was running off the battery and draining it down quickly. I just happen to bring this generator and a battery...
  17. delray

    Hs-40 build

    been a very busy summer and now I finally got a change to start posting my hs-40 build. the engine was originally a snow blower motor and for some reason the ID tag on this one was missing. from what info I have found on how Tecumseh made things and change things in the early hs-motors this...
  18. delray

    Car show this weekend

    it was a hot day for a show. still seen some cool stuff...….:thumbsup: i even seen some scooters and minibikes...:scooter: show was located right out in the middle of nowhere. church on one side of the street and a very small grocery store/tavern even some tractors...
  19. delray

    valve grinder

    pickup this old valve grinder couple years ago with a bunch of motors. at the time i really didn't want the thing. Wow, am so glad i got it now. today i got it out of the shed and gave it a quick clean off and over look everything to see if this thing would move and yes everything was free...
  20. delray

    baja bike header

    ok guys, for anybody that has this type of chassis and is running a honda/clone engine. also note,not a leg burner...:thumbsup: personally i'd wrap it too,just to be on the safe side....:scooter: maybe should...