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    Thoughts From The Experts: Tecumseh H35 Power Sport - What To Do With It?

    Oops, you requested thoughts from the experts, please disregard my post. Nice boat
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    Thoughts From The Experts: Tecumseh H35 Power Sport - What To Do With It?

    I would check the compression and go from there. We have a same era H40 and an older HS50 that I’ll be rebuilding this winter. Plus two Briggs 2hp that need attention. I would work on it, they sound good, and you can learn a lot. Your bike is a fine machine, run the Predator till you get the...
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    2 horse came home with me

    Yup, we run a jackshaft at 8.2:1 or so, on the Horney Toad, it pulls just fine for the grandchildren. A big plus is the 8 year old can start it.
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    2 horse came home with me

    Sorry, not enough signal for an image just now. 60102 940165 6206123 Kind of mint or pea green with the Briggs and Stratton EZ pull decal, no hp tho. Came off a rototiller Almost an exact twin to the 2hp on the Horney Toad 60102 0267-01 71122 Both are Vacu-Jet slide choke powerplants. More to follow
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    Go-Ped engine fuel-oil mix brands?

    Thanks. This little two stroke is smaller than a half gallon ice cream container. I’ll look around for the Walmart Blue.
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    Throttle cable install help needed. 5HP leaf blower B&S

    I use 1” aluminum plate, cut it to fit. Drill holes, machine the slots for movement. I’m sure there are some really well-designed engine riser plates out there for you to choose from. They probably include some of the mounting hardware as well.
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    Go-Ped engine fuel-oil mix brands?

    I went with Echo brand Red Armor
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    Aggie 97

    Nice bike. Nice work
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    Shorter gas tank needed for 5HP Briggs.

    I would raise the engine an inch and look it over. The bigger tank works best for us on bumpy trails, you can run half full and not have any leakage.
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    Just Picked Up My First 2 Vintage Mini Bikes

    Welcome, there are good folks here. Nice bikes. There are some MTD lovers here. Never heard of an Alley-Kat, I’ve got some investigating to do. It looks like a really cool bike.
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    Tecumseh HS40 cuts out when I try to accelerate

    With a sick engine, I go back to the L Head Service Manual dozens of times to help keep me on track.
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    Tecumseh HS40 cuts out when I try to accelerate

    My bad. Wrenches leave telltale marks on bolt heads and the surrounding area, an indication that someone has had it apart before you got it. My in-line tester is used any time I think the ignition is at fault. I like the Oregon with the little orange light. I should have separated it from the...
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    Throttle cable install help needed. 5HP leaf blower B&S

    Welcome Nice bike Great power plant Looks like you can raise it up an inch
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    Tecumseh HS40 cuts out when I try to accelerate

    I would start with the easy stuff. Check for any intake gasket leaks, especially at the 6 o’clock position. Use an inline spark tester on it. Check for head gasket leaks. Check and clean the carb fully. It probably needs it anyhow. I would start with these. Are there fresh tool marks on...
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    Wall Hanger

    If that was POR-15 black, I would call it a clown bike. I like it
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    HS40 Rupp

    You can get the flywheel a bit more accurate with a sloppy key of known dimensions and slip a feeler gauge in beside it. Clean surfaces and some patience for me has worked.
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    Mmb80 not running good

    I would: Replace the carb Lube the clutch with one drop of 30 wt oil, on the oil lite bushing, every few hours of run time. Buy the HRM jackshaft kit. We like ours. I believe your bike is a MM-80b
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    Our Wonderful Postal System

    Well there’s your problem, it should have gone to the Allen Park distribution center!
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    Fork Spring Advice

    They kind of look like they were wound onto the tubing. The coils could be separated with a flat blade screwdriver or two and wound on. The “weld” forms a point that anchors the spring from moving about. Maybe edit your title and add Taco to it to attract those Taco owners that are here. Cool bike
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    Another DOA ID mystery....

    One thousand opportunities to learn something! At least, that’s what I always buy. Cool bike, nice power plant. Welcome, there are really good folks here.