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    Such an awesome hobby!

    My son Owen and I reworked his old DB30R. I must say, everyone we have dealt with has been a treat! Eric (The Gray Goat), got us all started and in the right direction. I picked his brain on the phone for quite a while and emailed him back and forth numerous times. He never was annoyed and I...
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    New style frame doodlebug db30r exhaust

    My son and I are toughening up his old new style doodlebug. We need to change the exhaust for clearance reasons and was wondering if anyone knows if this pipe will fit it and clear the frame? An under seat pipe I feel is not a option...
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    First timers!

    Hello, my name is Danny. My son Owen and I are going to start working on his old (new style) Doodlebug DB30R. He has been riding since he was 3-1/2! He's 12 now and the old girl just ain't cool no more. It has been through a lot and really has been trouble free besides tires and bearings. We are...