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  1. Dr. Shop Teacher

    1971 Gilson Trail Bike

    Downsizing the fleet. Bike was at Windber. Includes original clutch and chain guards, new Manchester1 seat, re-popped parcel rack (number 3/4), original gas tank, brake assembly and original brackets. NOS fenders. Wheels respoked and trued, new tires. Real Comet TAV. Rebuilt very strong H60...
  2. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's Tonic le Moto--Broncco T-XL

    Here's my entry....a hacked up Broncco TX-?? So, the lookers will note that I'm not doing my usual Tecumseh for this this is a bearing Briggs flathead. Here's the tic list: Frame: 5.5" stretch to fit a tall boy like me. Sprocket and Caliper: 70t #35 with the sprocket machined to...
  3. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Miscellaneous parts

    Have a number of parts for sale. PayPal only to a friend or family. You pay the shipping. I will consider offers. Original Gilson Clutch Guard Mounting Bracket. This is for the clutch version...not TAV. $40.00 Fiberglass Gilson TAV/Clutch Guard. Patterned off original guard. Can be cut down to...
  4. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Sad News--Passing of Control4UserGuy

    Member Control4UserGuy passed away from pancreatic cancer a little more than a month ago. Rich was a devoted Gilson addict and built beautiful bikes. Those of you who saw his work were, like me, amazed at what he could do--a complete perfectionist. A good friend and he will be missed.
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Gilson Trail Bike Clutch Guard Extension???

    I finally found a clutch guard for the trail bike and was working on making a bracket to fit it around the TAV. I found this photo that shows an extension on the guard. Is this correct or just a prototype? Hope this link works...something is still not right with pics...
  6. Dr. Shop Teacher

    So what did you do on yet another East Coast Rainy Day????

    We have a big car and bike show coming up in a week and I am scrambling to get the fleet ready. The Wilderness had been waiting for some TLC and the mildew to be cleaned off. Newly rebuilt H60 to replace the HS50 goes on in the morning. Engine got sprayed in garage and throttle controls are now...
  7. Dr. Shop Teacher

    A small block that might run...

    You guys made me drag out the HS40 I had sitting (courtesy of minibikin'). It needed some TLC and a 3/4" PTO crank to replace the 1" PTO. Nothing else fancy....:laugh:
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Rare find in the Mid-South East--H35

    Picked this up yesterday in Richmond. For you lucky guys (gals, too), having a "real" mini bike engine doesn't mean much but since I've never come across one, this H35 is a treat. Came off an ARCO/Ajax bike that the owner put a hemi on. No scoring on the cylinder, clean valves, spotless fuel...
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    My entry for Ripley's Believe it or Not! H60 compression issue

    I picked up an H60 snow blower motor off of e-Bay for cheap. The seller said it ran but had low compression..... That is plain old silicone seal sandwiched between the head gasket and the block. It melted into the combustion chamber. :blink::no::doah::laugh:
  10. Dr. Shop Teacher

    CAT F/R Wheels

    Need a decent pair of 6" wheels for a CAT. Front/Rear--Stars or no stars. Thanks!
  11. Dr. Shop Teacher

    For your viewing pleasure...

    This is kind of interesting....check out the engine plate and the brake lever. Any ideas???
  12. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Gilson Bosch Wheel Disc Hub--Any interest?

    I am getting ready to order custom machined hubs for my build off Gilson. These will fit the original Bosch wheel only and not the 10" Trail Bike wheel. These accept the 180 mm Motovox Rotor. If you are interested, pm me. The more I order, the better the price....ORDERS WILL NEED TO BE PREPAID...
  13. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's JFF Gilson Knight Rider

    Thanks to Mr. Pat and Cheezy for hosting the Build-off once again--you two do this with just the right amount of patience and humor. I'll not be posting questions as to my fitment on the bike as I know this one fits.:laugh: I look forward to seeing all the craftsmanship exhibited by the...
  14. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Looks interesting...what is it?

    Price is very right...but what is it?
  15. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's Gilson "Knight Rider"

    This bike has been sitting in the shop since mid-July waiting for time to make itself available. This started out as an Allis Chalmers version with chrome forks and six inch wheels. It was a lighted version and I do have the headlamp bracket. So, we're heading down the road of being fully...
  16. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Zombie Killer???

    Saw this on CL in Richmond. Think the Zombie won after looking at the front forks....:laugh: The machete must serve as a fork brace.:doah:
  17. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB--Gilson/Wards remote fuel tank

    Yes, I have another one underway. If anybody's got an oval Gilson tank in decent shape, PM me. thank you!
  18. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Big Block Carb issues (H60)--runs rich

    Got both of my H60s running today (subjects of an earlier thread). Both have brand new H60 knock-off carbs. After running the solid state H60 back about a month and a half ago, I had way too much fuel even with both circuit screws barely open. So, I reset the floats on both carbs to be a bit...
  19. Dr. Shop Teacher

    MW 525VT on eBay

    Vintage Montgomery Wards Minibike, Great Condition, Montgomery Wards, Fox, Rupp | eBay This looks like it started as a small wheel 525 and had the Gilson-correct trail bike wheels added. Belt drive clutch (!!!) to fixed diameter pulley on jackshaft. Briggs flathead. Has the complete headlight...
  20. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Gumba Frame on E-Bay

    Saw this posting for new frame. Anybody heard of them? Foot peg design (serves as kickstand!!!!) strikes me as an invitation for trouble. GUMBA Stretched Mini Bike Frame Only! Heavy Duty - TUBULAR STEEL WELDED | eBay