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  1. steven Durham

    Todays world

    After moving I had to get rid of a lot of things so we had a big yard sale and things that take up a lot of room were the big target . Many years ago I built a mini dune buggy and very sadly it ended up being stored outside and attempts were tried to keep it covered but in Astoria ,Or the wind...
  2. steven Durham

    I need some computer advise.

    I am thinking about getting a new computer I am very OLD & OLD SCHOOL so knowing what size I need how much power and storage I need is where I need help I want to use a key board and Mouse
  3. steven Durham

    On the Road Again

    Moving out of Oregon state and moving in with family in Spanaway, Washington so the ( Christmas Trike ) will be ready for the next Durham rider. I will be with my Mother & Sister my mom is 97 years old .
  4. steven Durham

    I've fallen and I can't get up

    Well that just happened to me I was coming home from the eye doctor and I got out of my van headed to the neighbor's driveway and didn't pick up my foot far enough and down on my knees I went and onto my back on top of my cane. Thank God it wasn't raining . So I used my emergency call button the...
  5. steven Durham

    Happy birthday king odie

    Today is Odie's 14 th Birthday and he is a very good dog but just barked a bit much. But I love him in spite of the always jubilant opinion. All of the dogs in our house get fed 100% Organic Raw Food and they love it...
  6. steven Durham

    Log in every visit

    I would like to know why every time I go to the forum I have to log in and give my password. Any one else having to do this after being a member for 10 years Steve :scooter:
  7. steven Durham

    Daymak beast ultimate d

    My housemate Randy found this bike on Craigslist for the find of the year. It is the top of the line model with 2 - 500 watt Motors and is solar powered with a 60 volt 40 amp hour Lithium battery. Front and rear disc brakes . Has a kick stand and a center stand and is also peddle powered to...
  8. steven Durham


    :smile: Here to wish TomS a wonderful birthday as he gives so much to this Forum. We all get to go along with Tom on his trips to show us todays motorcycle world and lots of looks into the past he sees in his travels. We are blessed with his efforts. So Tom have a great day...
  9. steven Durham


    I want to wish my mother a very happy birthday she is 96 today. She has never road a mini bike or a go Kart but she was a full time partner in D&D mini cycle. She got to see first hand how happy it made people of all ages when the bought a new machine or purchased parts to fix their ride. Took...
  10. steven Durham

    What's up with having to sign in ???

    So twice today I had to enter my user name and pass word. I have only been here for 10 years. :confused:
  11. steven Durham

    Los Angeles Fire

    After looking at the news the fire in the mountain area of Los Angeles is having a hard time being contained. And we here on OMB have a lot of great members living in the area. I hope and pray that they will get this fire under control. James C would be one and Bigevilone2 and many more. Hope...
  12. steven Durham

    Blessing from CRAIGSLIST

    My house mate Randy wanted a trail bike so I found one for him. It is a Homelite Trailking and it was truly a barn find by the seller. Has the 2 speed gear box and the Deepco Speed sensitive belt drive system. It has two seats the passenger seat is removable if using the built in cargo area...
  13. steven Durham

    Take a deep breath of air

    Yesterday I went to the VA clinic to see why my 9 year old CPAP machine was making noise. ( I could not hear anything as I have a hearing loss since my Navy time in the Boiler room. ) Well out with the old and in with the new I got a brand new machine that even has Wi-Fi that sends a report to...
  14. steven Durham

    Just for information

    How many people watch the SUPER BOWL just to see the commercials and the half time shows and could care less who win's the game. or the opinions of the announcer's selected to entertain the public Count me out; Steve Durham :scooter:
  15. steven Durham

    I did it up this time

    I fell down in the kitchen and landed on my left shoulder and had to call 911 to get me up off the floor and the pain was uncharitable. after the ambulance left I went into shock and my house mate covered me up and raised the heat in the room. No sleep that night and the VA is 120 miles away and...
  16. steven Durham

    I'm just a lonley boy lonley and blue

    Took a 400 mile round trip yesterday and found a GEM and it does need polishing. It is a Trail Master 80 made right here in my new town Astoria, Oregon has a Hodaka 80 cc engine. Kind of a personal birthday gift as I am 72 years OLD OLD OLD today today I will work on getting pictures tomorrow...
  17. steven Durham

    Hearld super bronc

    Saw one listed in Oregon coast Craig's list for $300.00 but it's in Klamath Falls Steve :scooter:
  18. steven Durham

    Storey telling Time

    Again back to the days of D&D Mini Cycle about 1972. I And Danny were in the shop and in drives a 1959 Ford sedan and we waited inside the show room and in comes a man in a wheel chair he was about 50 years old and he had NO legs at all and we asked him what he wanted and he looked around the...
  19. steven Durham

    Moving is an adventure ? or Tourcher is fun ?

    Well I am moving from Beaverton, Oregon to Astoria, Oregon where the mighty Columbia River meets the Ocean. A big change from living in this apartment now for almost 20 years. The pain is making the decision on what to take and what to get rid of. I am moving in with my next door neighbors...
  20. steven Durham

    Happy Birthday Kyle Moody

    No way can we miss this members Birthday and I hope the day has been special for you . :happybday::happybday::happybday::happybday::happybday::happybday: Steve :scooter: