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    Exhaust for a Side Popper

    So I have an h35 that I am putting on my new style DB for my son. However, I just realized the exhaust looks like it will be blowing right on his leg, and it might even be close enough to be in the way of his leg. Anybody make a decent exhaust pipe that exits the head and turns backwards? Is...
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    Side Popper questions

    I got three free motors yesterday. One is an older two stroke. One is a little Briggs that is mostly complete, and I got what I think is a side popper. It appears to be removed from some kind of snow thrower or old power tool. There are some numbers stamped in the top cover. It has a large...
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    Briggs 6.5 vertical shaft

    Okay, I'm stumped. It's not for a mini, but I know you guys can help. I've got spark. It will run when I prime it (or on starting fluid), but it dies shortly after. I have cleaned the carb vigorously two times. There is no leak between the carb and block, and I know the main jet is clean because...
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    #35 chain from farm store

    The local place is selling it for about $1 per foot. It comes in a 10' roll. Is this stuff any good? I'm not racing. I just need some chain to finish up a couple projects.
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    Adapter plate for Briggs

    Is there an adapter plate for a Briggs Raptor that will allow me to adjust it easily (similar to the one for the clone)?
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    Which carb?

    I'm sticking a Raptor on my Old Style DB30 build. I am going to switch from alky to gas. I'm looking at a Tec carb that would go on a bigger Tecumseh, and I'm also looking at the cheap 24mm slide carbs that come on the 50cc pit bikes. Which one do you recommend? I'm not looking for crazy...
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    Old Style DB30

    I'll start a thread on this. I started a thread in the DB section, but this will be more of a project build thread, so it seems like this forum will be more appropriate. I found this DB30 for $65. It ran when I bought it, but I'm not gonna run the stock motor. The PO had spray painted it...
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    Removing Fox Trail Tramp bars

    How do I get these handlebars off? I figured out the forks and the fork lowers, but I can't figure out these bars. I wonder if they're just rusted in the forks? Anybody got any good pics or tips? I've searched YouTube, but I couldn't find anything. I just want to paint or powder this thing...
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    5" tires

    I just picked up 58 lightly used to somewhat worn kart racing tires. There are many that still have life on them. I'm not going to use all of them. I'm willing to sell some for cheap, or I may be willing to barter for stuff. PM me if you're interested. I will sell them for $10 for a set of...
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    Finally found one!

    I finally found an old DB30. I've been looking for a deal on one for a while. It seems like you guys always tell me how you find them for $4, and you talk them down to $3. Well, I'm pretty happy with this one. It is spray bombed poorly, but I'll strip it and powder it anyway. It has...
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    Brakes on a Fox

    I picked up my 67 Street Scamp (possibly the Trail Tramp or Scamp, whatever it's called) and I need some brakes. I was told that Airhart brakes might work (possibly now used on Manco)? Anybody know for sure? I've found a few on eBay, but they don't look like they'll bolt up. I was told they...
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    I bought an old Fox mini, and it came with an Hs40, and (what I think is) an old HS35 or HS40. I haven't found any numbers yet. The 35 has a lighting coil, but no flywheel and no compression. The HS40 is good (I think). The carb is pretty nasty. I was thinking of rebuilding it, but $20 for a new...
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    2015 OMB Build Off Fox Fun Jff

    I bought this earlier this month. I bought it just for the build off. I'm not sure what direction I'm going. It came with the tank, exhaust, and two tec motors. I may end up putting a predator on this if I end up putting a new front end and swing arm on it. I want to put some bigger tires...
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    2015 OMB Build-Off Bird JFF

    Okay, so I bought this last year after watching you guys build some great bikes for the build off. It then sat in my garage and didn't get finished. It does have a custom front end (thanks to my brother-in-law), and I threw on some really ugly zbars that I welded. I can't wait to show you my...
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    Fox Trail Scamp

    Okay, so I drove an hour and a half to pick up a somewhat complete Trail Scamp last night. It is missing the clutch set up, so I'll just run a single clutch. No big deal. It does have the tank (in pretty nice shape), exhaust, and rear rack. My main concern is the forks. They're "high speed...
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    What size screw/bolt?

    I've decided to use my old DB30 97cc motor for a build that I'm working on. I have the throttle cable run through the cable stop, and now I need to tighten the bolt down to pinch the cable in place. I don't seem to have that screw/bolt anywhere. It was probably lost when I pulled the motor...
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    Setting up a Raptor

    Okay, so I've had this Raptor sitting on the workbench for a couple years. I bought an old Kart off of a buddy that had stopped racing, and he sold me his kart, motor, and a boat load of tires and wheels for $300. I didn't do anything with it when I got it because I've always played with the...
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    First Real Build

    I bought an old Bird frame last spring, and I've been slow about getting it up and running. I can't weld for anything, so I'm at the mercy of those that can. Here is a pic of the frame when I brought it home and assembled it. It also came with a couple 6 inch wheels and tires. They don't...
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    air leak?

    I bought a DB30 a while ago, and I ripped the 97cc off and swapped out the 212 because I know those motors a lot better than the 97cc. Now my goal is to get this little 97cc running. It's been sitting in my garage for a while. I found lots of problems with the carb when I first opened it up...
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    Champion rockers

    Okay, guys, on a scale of 1-10. How awesome are they?