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  1. JimmyC

    The Official MTD MIni Bike Thread

    Here's my Trail Flite. Best riding bike I ever had.
  2. JimmyC

    Rupp TT500

    Went to 93 octane :):):).
  3. JimmyC

    insane #41 nickel chain deal<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I ordered #35 on the 14th, no shipping notice and arrived today. Thanks to this thread.
  4. JimmyC

    Rupp TT500

    My son caught the picture just at the right time. I hope to feel young forever :).
  5. JimmyC

    Rupp TT500

    Shifting into 2nd.
  6. JimmyC

    Mini Bike Collection Photos

    The Little Indian was restored by Dr. Shop Teacher (Pete). He did an amazing job!
  7. JimmyC

    Dr. Shop Teacher's Tonic le Moto--Broncco T-XL

    Awesome job Pete!
  8. JimmyC

    Built two bikes in one night.

    I have trouble welding oil pans :).
  9. JimmyC

    Built two bikes in one night.

    I did these back in 1998.
  10. JimmyC

    Bonanza Mini Bike 1/10 Customizing Kit Model

    I have the kit sealed. Also, have a 1973 1st issue Popper Chopper (sealed). A 1971 1st issue Low Blow and just picked up a MPC Chopped Mini.
  11. JimmyC


    It's a Ruttman. I had one a few years back.
  12. JimmyC

    1971 z50 Honda Mini Trail

    Love the Z50's. Here's mine.
  13. JimmyC

    Rupp xl350 clutch cover

    No problem. I made a replacement. Decal is a little small but oh well. Glad I could help. Enjoy.
  14. JimmyC

    Rupp xl350 clutch cover

    Sent Pm. I know the tank decals are wrong.
  15. JimmyC

    over the years

    How about a picture.
  16. JimmyC

    MTD Trail Flite

  17. JimmyC

    MTD Trail Flite

  18. JimmyC

    MTD Trail Flite

    This is a nice bike. Ready to ride.
  19. JimmyC

    MTD Trail Flite

    If you arrange shipping I can be available for your shipping company to pick up. Zip is 20878. Jimmy