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  1. smudvapor

    Timing problem?

    You guys were correct! The flywheel key was in two pieces. Runs great now! I will check that first if there is a next time.
  2. smudvapor

    Timing problem?

    So why won't this thing start?
  3. smudvapor

    Timing problem?

    Hi guys. This one has me a little stumped. I have an Intek 6.5hp horizontal engine. When I got it, it would pop but not start. It sounded like timing to me so I pulled the engine open and checked the timing marks. The cam was 180 out. I put the cam back in the correct place and it does the...
  4. smudvapor

    Build-Off 2024?

    Is anyone thinking about getting the Build-Off going again?
  5. IMG_20231031_174205806.jpg


    Sprite brake.
  6. IMG_20231031_174223577.jpg


    Sprite brake.
  7. IMG_20231031_174256885.jpg


    Sprite brake.
  8. smudvapor

    Fox Sprite Help With Year

    When I get home I will try to take some. I have it buried in my basement.
  9. smudvapor

    Sears Runabout Seat

    Thanks, we ended up buying a seat from someone on eBay. It's good to have though for future reference.
  10. smudvapor

    Really ROUGH Ruppster

    Yes, I sold it.
  11. smudvapor

    Mini Bike for Raffle Project Needed

    A couple of years ago my students restored and raffled off a Trail Horse mini bike. I have a great bunch of students this year who expressed an interest in having another raffle so I am looking for an inexpensive bike for them to rebuild and raffle off. I am located in the Youngstown, Ohio...
  12. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    Sorry it took so long. We ran out of time but she is very close to being finished. Just a couple of little things are left to do. Thanks to everyone who gave us a hand!
  13. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    We are getting an original seat from a member but for now, we put another seat on to see what it looks like. (One that was made by Karen). We also put the exhaust on. What do you think?
  14. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    It's getting there! We have some ideas for the exhaust but because of time constraints, it isn't going to be pretty. We will probably just use some 3/4 pipe with a nipple and an elbow for now and maybe do something nicer later.
  15. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    Well, I have an H25 but for whatever reason, I cannot get it to start so in the interest of time (we only have a couple of weeks before school ends) we are going to install the side popper. It will still be really cool and that doesn't mean that we can't get the H25 running at a later date.
  16. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    Here are a couple of the latest pics. More are on my web page.
  17. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    The seat would be nice. I have a repop one but an original would be even better. Thanks. The engine that I bought is really nice so for now since we have about a month before school lets out, I am going to keep looking for the correct engine. If I can't find one then I will use it.
  18. smudvapor

    Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    I do the painting at home so that isn't a problem but I was leaning toward keeping it black for the same reason. I will take a look at the clutch. and Decide what to do.