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    pit bike hydraulic fork legs for sale

    Got any triple trees to match?:shrug:
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    First Build

    Nice :thumbsup:
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    azusa disk brake

    Hydraulic Brakes from Great Plains Aircraft! Here is the same bolt on disc brake kit for azusa wheels, but this site also sells the parts individually. I'm just in for the hats and disks, much cheaper. :smile:
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    azusa disk brake

    Wicks Aircraft Supply a bit much but looks like it brakes well:laugh:
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    Ding How?

    Probably in the same category as a "megaphone" :smile:
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    Check Out These Rims

    Probably an old school minibike security system :smile:
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    My Weekend Finds

    Antique Gas Engine Parts Suppliers This is a quote from the site above: "All types of ENGINE PARTS for: Fairbanks Morse, Ajax, Continental and Arrow. One of the largest ZC52 inventories in captivity: Jimmy F. Bell Equipment"
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    Look mom,, no bars!

    Looks like fun until you twist the crap out of your ankle
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    Need advise on Rear Wheel ideas and handlebars Please

    Yeah BMI has a nice section.
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    got a bike, need help

    I think TAS motors turned into Tanaka....I think... Walbro 15mm HP Carb wa-15-2 - ADA Racing Get a generic 50cc 2 stroke carb and tape it on or something :thumbsup: good luck! First thing you learn about minibikes is that parts are hard to find
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    Powder coating vs. Spray paint?

    Similar story with my fox, the previous owner had replaced the worn out stock parts with whatever crap in their yard. It had a lawn mower caliper biting the sprocket, on one side. Not to mention some trick wood hardener soaked cardboard for fenders :out: Im not sure if fox made them all...
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    Trutest minibike New Zealand.

    I don't think I've seen a front suspension setup before. (Somewhere a small block is missing a valve spring) Is it clunky at all? It looks like the top yoke would slam into the head after a bump.
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    Powder coating vs. Spray paint?

    Hmmm now what about rear sprockets and wheels?
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    Loooooong Forks = instability and possible death

    You're right A setup like this (where the lower tree puts the forks further from the steering head) would give the bike a less dangerous and more comfortable geometry
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    This engine is insane!

    Someone needs to put this in their mini, and take it to the bonneville salt flats. "No officer there is no way I was going 110 its only 49cc, see how little it is" :wink:
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    schwinn chopper wheels!!!!!

    Motorize your Bicycle with our Bike Engines Kit. Engine Kits include gasoline motors and mounting hardware. Bicycle not included. These don't look as cool as Enigma's, but they seem street legal-ish.
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    This engine is insane!

    Comet Kart Sales - Rotary Aixro XR50, Aixro XR 50, Rotary Kart Engine, Karting Engine Rotary, RLV Comet Exhaust Sytem This is the company's site. they don't even list the price, and we all know what that means.
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    This engine is insane!

    48hp from such a tiny package!! Oh man I think this will become an obsession.... Wankel Kart Engine Test-Aixro XR50 Rotary Engine for Karting on Video
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    Newbie...Just bought a large collection..

    If you ever sell the Foxes for parts send me a pm
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    Balancing minibike wheels

    I see what you mean. But I think it could work for those who run 10 inch wheels, and maybe race too.