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  1. we4amigos

    I always liked these.

    That’s a nice too !! Original -Clean & Cheap
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    TS-130 front fork rebuild parts?

    Bronze bushing for these forks are standard hardware items. I've bought them at Tractor supply, Lowes just about any place with hardware. There are/were perfect replacement shocks for these forks on Surplus center's web site for like $15.99/ea. I've bought them and used them on TS's and a...
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    Muskin Tri-Cat

    That's a great looking project ! Yes the dual rear brakes is fairly common and really helps making turns. Without them sharp turns are impossible . When doing your rebuild don't skip the differential...those need torn down-cleaned and repacked because they were never done . Good Luck
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    Alsport Tri-Sport

    Alsport TS 130 looks to be a '74 with that front fender,,probably a 7HP earlier years were 8hp
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    Alsport tri-sport street legal hard to get nos fuel tank for sale on ebay!

    Like I said above I can get you one for $45-50 or when I replace mine with one of these NOS ones I'll have a "leaker" available.
  6. we4amigos

    Alsport tri-sport street legal hard to get nos fuel tank for sale on ebay!

    They may be sought after but not worth anywhere near that price ! I know where there's 6 of these for $45-50 each. I better buy them and cash in :out:
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    New Barn find. Help with model etc...

    And now it's up for sale on E-Bay !!
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    Rts-sl brakes

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    Chrome Plating

    Robert....your inbox is full. Can't send you a PM
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    Rts-sl brakes

    Try Mark Saxom he reproduces several parts and I believe has a upgraded caliper. Also at one time RT21 Trading still listed them. I can upload a pic of original set-up if you need.
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    Chrome Plating

    No No I think you misunderstood my point. Not the plating shops shipping south of the boarder,,the people who live in these areas benefit by taking their parts across the boarder. At least when part of my family lived in Arizona it was happening...maybe it's changed in the last 3-4 yrs.
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    Chrome Plating

    I can say Pauls Chrome is good,resonable priced for car items. But as everyone has said good costs $$$ and great costs even more ! lol California and Arizona have a edge as going over the border to those shops offers reduced labor and NO EPA . But with UPS turning into a high priced carrier...
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    New Barn find. Help with model etc...

    Very nice !! Looks very original right down to there sticker on the recoil. Excellent find . The resident Dunecycle expert would be Arielsq
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    Alsport TriSport

    These aren't side by side , but you can see the overall length difference. Also as Steve pointed out they are constructed on different frames.
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