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  1. xr7gt

    Rack em and Stack em

    Very cool. Nice collection!
  2. xr7gt

    Arctic Cat Ramrod

    I tinkered a little bit today. It runs! The po drained the tank and ran it out of gas a couple of years ago. I sprayed a bit of starting fluid and voila were cooking with gas. Lights work etc. I cleaned it up a little more.
  3. xr7gt

    Arctic Cat Ramrod

    Thanks guys. I bought it from the original owner's grandson. I dig pull start 2 stroke kawasaki engine. I'm going to clean it up....when it isn't so cold here in Northern Utah
  4. xr7gt

    Arctic Cat Ramrod

    I.picked this up today. I haven't seen many Arctic Cats around.
  5. xr7gt

    Joe's Minibike Reunion SoCal October 14,2023

    8 mpg from Ogden Utah at Nearly $6 a gallon outside of Utah! I used to say there was more to life than gas mileage. Not sure anymore! Ha ha
  6. xr7gt

    Joe's Minibike Reunion SoCal October 14,2023

    We were there and it was great. Perfect weather and a lot of mini bikes. Got to see some people I knew from OldMiniBikes and met a lot of new people.
  7. xr7gt

    Kawasaki Coyote

    I picked up this little guy on my way home from work yesterday. This is the 1st one I have seen in person. Appears to be pretty complete.
  8. xr7gt owner Heald in central florida

    Very nice indeed
  9. xr7gt

    Reasonable kart

    That's a Simplex Challenger from 1960-61
  10. xr7gt

    Boonie front wheel

  11. xr7gt

    Identify minibike

    Wow! That's great, I have never heard nor seen that model before
  12. xr7gt

    coolest mini bikes???

    I've got to say the Powell Challenger is the wildest ride out of the mini bikes I own. My favorite all around has got to be the Tote Gote model 500 or Mini Gote If I were to choose an unobtanium model, I think The Big Bear Scrambler would be on the top of the list.
  13. xr7gt

    Mini Bikes in your house?

    This is great. Thanks for all of the replies. I was worried about the gas in the tank because our water heater is in the basement as well. I have drained it and its been in the garage with the cap off for a few months I plan on putting the engine back on...eventually.
  14. xr7gt

    Mini Bikes in your house?

    I have a lot of them actually more than I can remember. A bunch are in out buildings on my property and several in my garage. I am sure I am not alone, but does anyone else have a mini bike you keep in your house? I have a Bonanza in my basement office. My friend David restored this BC model...
  15. xr7gt

    2 Cats a G Pinto? And a Nova.

    Price is FERM! ha ha
  16. xr7gt

    Tote Gote 750

    Where are you located?
  17. xr7gt

    Heathkit Hilltopper decals

    Looking for a couple pairs of decals for the fuel tank. Thanks in advance Garey
  18. xr7gt

    Looking for Tote Gote parts, like front wheel, maybe even forks.

    You most likely have a 600. Where are you located?
  19. xr7gt

    Looking for Tote Gote parts, like front wheel, maybe even forks.

    What model Tote Gote are you working on?