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  1. Ibanez616

    DownsBros manual clutch Review Thread

    Will the torque rating on the 2nd run be higher? And is there any plan to include a locking lever for starting?
  2. Ibanez616

    Genuine GX200 Project

    Hello everyone. I have not posted here in quite some time, but I am looking to get my bikes going again, and this Gx200 is on my list of priorities. This engine will be limited to being run on pump gas only. I am also trying to stick with stock size valves for now. I do not want to buy parts...
  3. Ibanez616

    Nor cal mini bike get together, show and swap meet .June 21st , oakley ca

    I was wondering if you would chime in on this. How have you been Mike?
  4. Ibanez616

    Nor cal mini bike get together, show and swap meet .June 21st , oakley ca

    Just seen your "ad" on craigslist, I haven't messed with the bikes for a long time, but I'm 10-15 minutes away in Antioch, I might have to come out and enjoy. Too bad I sold my blockzilla, that little Azusa frame wouldn't know what to do. :laugh:
  5. Ibanez616

    Seized Briggs flat head

    Sure would be funny to watch though. :rolleyes:
  6. Ibanez616

    On Line Yard Sale

    Foxbodys FTW. That is all. :thumbsup:
  7. Ibanez616

    Crank key extension

    You can pick up the correct crank for under $40. Trying to make a stubby crank work is just pointless.
  8. Ibanez616

    Crank key extension

    You cannot extend a crankshaft if that is your question. If you have an engine with a "stubby" crank, All you can do is get a different one.
  9. Ibanez616

    Tappet Valves to change cam lift

    Check and see what the tolerance is between the lifter and valve. The only way to set valve lash on these engines is to grind the lifter or valve. If one or the other are ground excessively you will need a new set of whatever is ground (Valves or Lifters). Extended lifters are for aftermarket...
  10. Ibanez616

    Paintball Gas Tank

  11. Ibanez616

    Sleeve for a 4hp "Kool Bore"

    Incase it is a period correct engine for a restoration, I would ditch it and find a 5hp to play with.
  12. Ibanez616

    Paintball Gas Tank

    No takers?:out:
  13. Ibanez616

    Slow Poke wannabe DragBike

    Badass build.
  14. Ibanez616

    Paintball Gas Tank

    One of those projects I never really followed through with. Just drill and tap a hole for the fuel outlet and your good to go (1/4 barb is included). $35 shipped.
  15. Ibanez616

    Need advice with 420cc clone

    You need to match your head, cam and carburetor. So say you want X amount of lift in a cam, the head will need to be able to flow enough air for accommodate that extra lift. Now since you have more air coming in, you will need more fuel. This is where you pick out what carburetor is best for...
  16. Ibanez616

    Free old style DB roller

    Hey mike, I'll take it if you still have it. I have a buddy who wants to get into mini's but dosent have the cash to put one together.
  17. Ibanez616

    Back Surgery!

    Man, I hate you productive people. You make me remember I have unfinished projects. Someone wanna rough in the bondo on my gas tank and fan shroud for me? :laugh: Good job though Nate. :thumbsup:
  18. Ibanez616

    Racing parts,rims,tires,free stuff

    Any idea what shipping for the 5" azusa tri star would be to 94509?
  19. Ibanez616

    So, I bought it, someone wanna get it running?

    Every time I touch it, I just get pissed off. I think I just hate the internal magneto/ flywheel setup. I'm too used to Briggs'. I really should get a new damn plug, I just keep putting it off.
  20. Ibanez616

    So, I bought it, someone wanna get it running?

    I bought a 71/72 Rupp Roadster 2 from a buddy a few months ago. It is all original. For the life of me I cant find enough patience to try and get the damned thing to run. I think the spark is too weak, any tricks besides cleaning the points contacts? Otherwise a link to where I can purchase the...