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  1. TomH

    Happy Birthday TomH!!

    Still alive and riding my minis around, can't wait for cooler minibike weather around here. Hope everyone is well. :thumbsup:
  2. TomH

    For you middle-aged folks --> +1.0 reading glasses?

    Good tip, I was looking at some of them. Best place I have found for reading glasses is my local Goodwill store. They have two large floor racks full of them and the price and quality is the best I have found.
  3. TomH

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    Windber Grudge Match
  4. TomH

    Girls and Mini Bikes

  5. TomH

    Just bought this off Craigslist! LOL!

    That's a tricky Vic bike. did it come with the donation can? no
  6. TomH

    FREE electricity from propane heaters

    I have one on the thermostat on a propane water heater. Mine even has a little green light that blinks for some reason. I took it apart when it was new looking for a battery..haha
  7. TomH

    property surveyed

    I used what they call t posts used as posts for barb wire or field fencing. Used a knocker to drive them in so far and a sledge hammer the rest of the way. they are about 5 1/2 feet long, I have a couple of inches sticking up, the rest is buried. I did that after one of the markers disappeared...
  8. TomH

    Painting help needed - what did I do wrong?

    grab the wife's hair dryer and heat it up. that works too.
  9. TomH

    Needing to raise money and will be selling most everything.

    I did one too Ogy. I think we would get more riding in though if Ed came.
  10. TomH

    Painting help needed - what did I do wrong?

    I would give it a week to dry in a dry warm..over 50 degrees place. Test the paint in a spot that doesn't show and see if it has hardened. I would sand back the bad place, protect the rest of the bike from overspray, feather it back and spot it in. Light coats on the primer with the can back a...
  11. TomH

    Chip Foose Taco @ Scottsdale GoodGuys Show

    yeah, he can build what he draws, which is saying more then most of the architects I have worked for.
  12. TomH

    First Mini bike, out of three projects... DoodleBug

    she's alive! Super sano too.
  13. TomH

    Harbor Freight 5" Double Cut Saw

    If I had a skill saw and an old dull blade, turn it around backwards and it will cut thru. Yeah it is noisy, and redneck, but I have been doing it for years in a pinch. Gloves, eye and ear protection is a must. Better would be if you had a miter saw and a bad blade. they are easier to cut...
  14. TomH

    Happy Birthday to Manchester1

    Happy Birfday Karen :happybday: Funny birthday bloopers compilation - YouTube
  15. TomH

    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    cool pic Byron :thumbsup:
  16. TomH

    Any Roller Derby Fans?

    Ann Cavello, and "the blond bombshell" Joanie Weston of the S.F. bay area Bombers. good times.
  17. TomH

    Remembering your youth 60's, 70's, 80's

    Black Cat firecrackers and bottle rocket fights and: Bad girls with Beehive Hair do's Hippy Chicks and my VW microbus
  18. TomH

    OldMiniBikes members best "quotes"

    beat me to it..I'm going to run it over with my truck..Buckeye. it was a double whammy..reminded me of a friend that bought a fiat sports car. You saw that car on the side of the road all over town. He took a hammer to it, lit it on fire in his front yard..left it there.
  19. TomH

    Girls and Mini Bikes

    Paris Hilton