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    Hello from Cape Town , South Africa

    Hello everyone, not new to minibikes, but trying to get back into the game:laugh: Missed y'all - thanks for the Birthday wish thread - did a search on my name to see who was talking bad about me. So December was able to take some leave, built a workbench, fixed up the shop a little and...

    Hello again my family

    Hi ya'll I almost thought about posting this in the introductions thread :laugh: Things are going great although a little hectic. The day after we moved to Cape Town the boys started school and have settled in nicely. We are still in the flat at Head Office - it's a really small one...

    500kg lifting rig - man I'm getting old laugh

    So i have access to some storage in Cape Town. I bought my mill for R11000 and will probably only get R8000 for it second hand. Priced new there almost R20000. So i decided to keep the mill the lathe and my compressor . The guys at work made me up three crates. Only would be really...

    SAD Day - Going to have to sell everything, but theres a ray of sunshine

    Well Never thought this day would come, but it has. Sea Rescue South Africa is a organization to be reckoned with, every year it grows from strength to strength. The other day they advertised for a training officer post the first of its kind (training is normally done on station level by...

    Coolest thing I've ever done on a lathe

    A friend of mine has a small HF combo mill lathe machine. He uses it at his work for odd jobs. The other day he called asking for help, the brass bush that engages onto the feed screw of his machine had stripped from years of use. " I know years of use :laugh: , but its true 5 years old" All the...

    Man do i feel stupid and lucky at the same time ( graphic picture )

    My heads just not in the game. Taking so much strain at work that i lapse in concentration. We needed to scrape some bark of timber and my bright idea was a die geinder with a router blade. Was working great till it bit into the wood and then decided my hand looked tasty. Man bad things...

    Rattling up some support for the Just For Fun class

    Morning all. I though it would be a good idea if Stang could organise a few prizes for the JFF class . This is not an official call to arms, but knowing my OMB brother and sisterhood I'm sure we can rattle up a few 5$ paypal donations. Please PM me or Stangrcr1 if you are interested...

    Happy Birthday to FireMarshal - Joe

    Happy Birthday Joe - thinking of ya Hope it's a good one:thumbsup:

    Tank's 2015 Blue Steel Bobber - scratch build

    Well done too many now to back out. Going for a simple design in the hope I can finish. My friend and boss passed away in November hence I've been so scarce. Have to run the whole place on my own and its a massive job, not much spare time. Still new maintenance guy starts end of Jan and that...

    95 LRP gas vs 97 Unleaded Gas

    Hey guys, Just finished a hectic 4 day paddleing event where NSRI looked after the safety of the padlers. We deployed a polaris ranger side by side on the beach. On day two we were unable to by normal unleaded petrol and could only get 95 Lead Replacement Petrol. I did not think this would have...

    Time Lapse - Thanks to GS Biker

    First a big thanks to GSbiker - the depth of knowledge on this forum goes deeper than mini bikes. Our rescue base is being given a major overhaul and I desparately wanted to do a time laspe video of the construction. GS was kind enough to prod me in the right direction and even offered to send...

    Happy Birthday Matt2

    Happy Birthday Uncle Matt Hope your spoiled rotten:laugh:

    Happy Birthday Boss

    Happy Birthday Boss - thanks for everything you do for us:thumbsup: I'm early but away next week for a day or two

    Cafe Racers in SA

    Seems like the Cafe Racer bug has been biting all over the world. Going to have a crack at it one day, but not yet - mini's are more fun:thumbsup: Just thought I'd post a few pics, there three lads in town who found me threw my Misses braging:laugh: There good kids and are very creative, but...

    Happy Birthday Texasfabguy

    Happy Birthday Sir, All the way from SA - Have a good one

    Misses said Rolf and I had to get the bikes washed

    So Friday the Mrs says are you and Rolf still going to get the bikes washed tomorrow. My life the blur that it is drew a blank, she says remember Rolf asked you to take him to get the bikes washed at a fundraizer.:shrug::eek: clean forgot:laugh:so did Rolf:laugh: I picked him Up Saturday...

    Is this another Road to Hell

    My next door neighbours are really good folks, but have been having a tough time lately. The Company George worked for went bang and he's been keeping himself busy at home with odd jobs, but not a salary. Two of there kids are now in high school, one on Marlene's way to work so she lifts him...

    Beautiful simplicity - Just for Jeff

    Saw this while trolling the net and though it was just beautiful. Kind of thing I'd love to have in my house. Alexandra Campbell Interiors Love these types of combinations:thumbsup:

    I am only 1/7 the man that Buckeye is - Oh and thank you OMB

    Well this next click pushes me over 3000 Posts hopefully all memorable:laugh: Still only 1/7th of what the king has posted, but I have enjoyed my 2.5 year here immensely and look forward to many more. Thanks OMB for hosting such a great place to hang out. Thanks for all that I have learned...

    Been Begging the Misses for years - she finally said yes

    :laugh::laugh:No getting married was the easy bit:laugh: Been asking her since baby blue was made to go for a ride on a mini. Would have been easier making ice on the Sun:laugh: Last night was an awesome summer evening - took the boys for a ride up and down the block the said to the misses...