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  1. S_C's KID

    Cat Eliminator A.K.A " The Comeback Kid"

    So about two years ago, close to my whole family came to Winber 2013 we had a blast and walked away with not one but three Cat Eliminator frames, of course back then we were minibike fiends. So we got back home to sunny South Florida compiled all the usable/good parts off each bike and sold the...
  2. S_C's KID

    My MiniMate World Champion

    Hey guys I just wanted to post pictures of my MiniMate . The story behind the MiniMate is that I went to Windber 2013 and I brought two of my bikes my DB30, and my 1967 Taco 22.Randy brought this 1971 MiniMate World Champion and when I saw it I really love Randy's work its great all the decals...
  3. S_C's KID

    Taco Taco Taco!!!!

    Whoo!!!! We finally started on my 1967 Taco 22 build!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: Couple of weeks ago we went to the MiniBike reunion in Windber PA it was great had lots of fun. We met several OMB members. OMB member Gumpit had a Taco 22 frame for sale. My dad SquareChopper didn't notice the...
  4. S_C's KID

    New Kid

    Hi im square choppers kid im in middle school and i love minibikes and hotrods. My dad set up my acount and i will be entering the bike build off with my doodlebug. :scooter: