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  1. byron ness

    Memorial Day Program in our small town

    This morning my wife and I attended the Memorial Day service in our small town. It means more to me now that ever before. When I was farming with my father, it did not seem to matter to him how much planting we still had left, he would still take the morning off and he and mom would go to the...
  2. byron ness

    It' the little things in life

    A lot of people will say I am getting old (I am). My next birthday will click the number 64. Today I spent the afternoon with old people (older than me)! Went after noon dinner to wish my mom a happy birthday, 94 yrs old and completely with it. Then I stopped by a neighbor who was having a...
  3. byron ness

    The Elite won a trophy

    Last Saturday I took the Elite to a vintage show about 45 miles from home. The sled won the category for " most unique " and was a judges choice, not people's choice. I was amazed at the distance people travel for these things, but when you see the work some have done on their machines, I guess...
  4. byron ness

    Christmas present

    We had Christmas at our house tonight and our daughter and son in law told me I had to go to the shop to get my last gift. They had been to a swap meet in the Twin Cities and she found a used minibike from one of the vendors. She thought it would make a good present for me, and bought it. No one...
  5. byron ness

    tomorrow is Veterans Day

    With all the negatives on here lately, I was thinking about something much more uplifting and worthwhile. Tomorrow being Veterans Day, I hope we all reflect on what so many men and women have given to us. There are so many times I have thought about the freedoms we have, and yet I seem to forget...
  6. byron ness

    Doodlebug reunion

    Last week turned out to be a lot of fun. On Tuesday we went to my cousins to recreate a picture that was taken 52 yrs ago. My wife bought a horse the prior week and it was being delivered halfway to Waterloo for us. So being the 27th annual doodlebug reunion was being held only 80 miles west of...
  7. byron ness

    52 years later

    I suspect some folks on here have a nostalgic streak that is as strong as mine. I have posted a picture of my cousin and me alongside his old Cushman many years ago on several threads. My goal has always been to find another Cushman and recreate that old memory. He suffered a stroke many years...
  8. byron ness

    Getting ready for a parade

    Last Sunday we had a parade in our small town which is the host for our county fair. We were in it last year and the people that helped ride them, asked if I was doing it again this year. So for most of the week prior to the parade I and my son were cleaning carbs, and generally fixing things...
  9. byron ness

    Thanks Metal Man

    Just have to say how much fun it was tonight to meet Metal Man (Rob). I had a blast looking and learning from you and thanks again for the pump you sold to me:thumbsup: It is going to work out great. B
  10. byron ness

    Need some ideas for back wheel alignment

    I am redoing an old Fox that has had some hard use from someone before I got it. I am going to make this one pink and purple, with the hope that one day we have a grand daughter who will want to ride. I am taking off an 8 hp Honda and replacing with an old 3 hp Briggs. My problem is trying to...
  11. byron ness

    Had some good help working on a Fox

    With winter about 12 hours away, I sat here thinking back to this summer when I had some great help tightening a chain. I thought a picture would say more than I ever could, on how much fun summer can be. Good times for sure.
  12. byron ness

    Crazy last 2 weeks

    This has been a wild 2 weeks looking at minibikes. First I found on CL a Fox Trailbug. It had an 8 HP Honda that run great. I bought it:doah: Then last weekend a guy in town called my 91 yr old mother and said she should let me know there was a mini for sale in our little town at a garage sale...
  13. byron ness

    Thinking about Independance Day

    I brought some of our minis and pedals to our small town car show last Saturday. One person to stop by my collection is a neighbor and friend who is a Vietnam Vet. He lost his left arm and leg over there in an APC bomb hit. His story is sometimes hard to listen to, but also heartwarming. When he...
  14. byron ness

    Arctic Cat Saxonette parts

    I just picked up a AC Prowler the other day, but the recoil had been removed and the drum that bolts to the flywheel was missing. The previous owner found the recoil, but the drum that the recoil fits inside of is gone. If anyone has parts, I would be happy to buy them. The bonded pieces on the...
  15. byron ness

    Go Devil drivebelt

    I just bought a Go Devil foldup mini and it is missing the drivebelt. Can anyone tell me if a regular v-belt is what should be used or is it something special. Thanks