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  1. deezildennis

    Glutton for Punishment.... Baja Heat project.

    I Picked this thing up for dirt cheap. It was hour away or so so I bought it and stripped it in their driveway and stuffed it into my car. I wanted a bigger mini bike with cushy tires for my wife and I to cruise our land with and this came up so I snagged it. Has had the stock engine plate...
  2. deezildennis

    Sears Fat tire mini bike tire size?

    I have a few Sears mini bikes with the swingarm/motor plate. I am wanting to build a fat tire bike pretty much the same as the Sears fat tire mini. Does anyone know off hand the front and rear tire size and rim/wheel size these had stock? Thanks ahead of time!
  3. deezildennis

    What is this?

    Yes I know it's a kart... I picked this up a while back for $75 in running driving shape. It had a hot rodded 5HP Briggs with one tire fire. It has all the slicks with the itty bitty 4 aluminum wheels. Has some unique I guess side panels on the side bars that may help someone more...
  4. deezildennis

    Nova 2 Ignition module on tecumseh hs50? Anyone done it?

    Anyone? I have 2 hs50's I am working on. I'd like to do away with the points on these and came across this Nova 2 ignition module. I see a guy putting it on a briggs in this video. Has anyone used these on the hs50 Tecumseh engines?
  5. deezildennis

    What brand and model is this thing #2

    I did a trade for this guy years ago and it's also been sitting in a bead blasted state for years as well. Here's a pic from when I got it.
  6. deezildennis

    What brand and model is this thing #1

    I bought this thing years ago. It's been sitting in a bead blasted state since then. Any idea what brand or model this is?
  7. deezildennis

    Jacked up Tecumseh ohh60 (Governor removal gone bad) Need help

    One of my Buddies bought a new tecumseh 6.0 powersports engine a while back and decided he didn't like the governor after he broke it in. The engine ran perfect before but not so much afterwards. I brought it home to keep it from going in the scrap pile. It literally has like 5 hours on the...
  8. deezildennis

    Guy on Old School Mini bike runs down and injured Woman

    Super huge D!ck move man. Hope you aren't on this site. Happened in Chicago. - Woman on Sidewalk Takes a Hit by Motorbike. Driver Flees I pasted a linked but it isn't showing up.
  9. deezildennis

    Any Idea what it is?

    What Make is this Mini? Got any Idea's?
  10. deezildennis

    Help with Briggs 8hp Valve Spring keeper.

    I have a 8hp b&s Engine I am trying to lap the valves on. I got the intake valve out easy enough with the 2 screwdriver method. The exhaust valve keeper is different than I have seen before on the smaller engines. It has a captive type retainer that I cannot seem to get off. I do not have...
  11. deezildennis

    Pic of my Buddies Atlas mb2500 and his Dodge Viper.

    This was over the weekend at Monster Mopar. It has a hot-rodded clone on it that was giving us major headaches fri and sat. Sat night I threw a old stocker 5hp briggs on it. It was a hell of alot slower than the clone but at least it ran all day for him with the briggs.
  12. deezildennis

    Bird Duck with a Goon on it..Vid inside!!!

    LOL! It must of been a later model Duck or a Bird Eng/Sears Foremost because the early ones would have snapped in half about minute into that run!! Old Minibikes rock!!! Even when your making Goon Videos with them!
  13. deezildennis

    Baja Heat frame Wanted.

    I am looking for Baja Heat frame and front end. I would need the Frame to be in decent shape and the forks to be straight. If you don't have forks but a nice frame that's fine as well. Please contact me through the forums via pm or at Send your price along with pm...
  14. deezildennis

    MTD/ Columbia band brake setup Help?

    I Am working on a MTD Frame for a buddy and the Band Brake set up has me a little weirded. If anyone has one of these put together on a bike can you post a pic on how it is situated and connected? I would appreciate it. Its this style MTD Like Jimh has.
  15. deezildennis

    Clone gov to carb connecting rod and spring needed.

    A few months back I stripped new Lifan 6.5 I have of this rod and spring for a buddies bike. I know a lot of clone guys go with Mikuni carbs and do not use this rod and spring so if you still have and want to sell it please let me know. I need to keep this one engine stock for my Nephews...
  16. deezildennis

    Looking for MTD/Columbia Wheels.

    I am looking for MTD/Columbia 6" Wheels complete or just the wheel halves. I am interested in what you have even if they are not complete. Must be in good shape. Im not too worried about surface rust but if they are pitted badly especially on the inside. I cannot use them. So Please pull...
  17. deezildennis

    What the Flippin Heck?!?!?!?

    I might ride it? eBay Motors: Other Makes (item 390048004530 end time May-06-09 10:14:40 PDT)
  18. deezildennis

    BWAHAHAAH!!!! This can't turn out good part 2

    LOL! It has TOO MUCH POWA!!!! Today's BIG Fail - Go-Kart Crash
  19. deezildennis

    BWAAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! This can't turn out good!

    YouTube - Insane Mini Bike Crash
  20. deezildennis

    Holy sheep DIP! Check this out!

    Hell, I'd ride it!!! eBay Motors: Other Makes (item 250396296759 end time Apr-05-09 03:23:25 PDT)