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  1. Truckasaurus44

    Lil indian Cover Bracket

    No luck with Digger.
  2. Truckasaurus44

    Hi Diggers, I'm on a hunt for a part for a lil indian. I've got a decent original steel clutch...

    Hi Diggers, I'm on a hunt for a part for a lil indian. I've got a decent original steel clutch cover with a busted/half missing bracket. I know someone on here had made some nice steel replacements a while back, but I missed the train. Do you know where I can get one to fix my cover? Do you...
  3. Truckasaurus44

    Lil indian Cover Bracket

    Hi guys. I'm hunting for a clutch cover bracket to repair the bracket on on original steel cover. I know someone made repop original brackets a while back, but I missed the train. If you have one you aren't using, e-mail me at
  4. Truckasaurus44

    Terra Torque?????

    I'm thinking about going to check this bike out. The owner says it's a Terra Torque and so does the clutch cover, but every Terra Torque I've seen has rear suspension and this is a rigid frame. take a look and let me know what you think. Is there a different Terra Torque out there other than...
  5. Truckasaurus44

    ARCO / Alexander Reynolds - Disassembled

    Wow. Its been a while since I saw that bike.
  6. Truckasaurus44

    Super Bronc seat

    Thanks guys. Its going to take a while to get it made, so please let me know if anyone has a beater I can use while waiting. It doesn't have to be pretty. It just has to work.
  7. Truckasaurus44

    Super Bronc seat

    I need a new seat for my VT8. I thought there was someone on here making repops, but not sure. It doesn't need to be perfect. It just has to get me riding again. If some one has a used one that's in functional condition, I'D take that too.
  8. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    Bike is SOLD!
  9. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    Thanks. The camera loves me :D
  10. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    Oh, and here's the video:
  11. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    I should add that the bike comes with the original axle bolts, neck bolts, and nuts. They are in great shape if you want to plate them. Also, the wheel and fender bolts are the original rockford other than one fender bolt. They polished up nice, so I used them.
  12. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    I'm not sure what's up with my pics, but I'll fix it shortly. It seems made all my pics small! E-mail me at If you want the full size pics before I fix this.
  13. Truckasaurus44

    1966 Lil Indian

    I've decided to put my 2014 Build Off Bike up for sale. I don't really want to, but I've got a truck I want to buy and could use the money. She's a 1966 Lil Indian that I restored. I went to alot of trouble to make sure she's as original as possible. Here's the details: 1) Frame - blasted...
  14. Truckasaurus44

    @@Hot Dog Hut..Annual Minibike Swap meet and gathering@@

    Sadness! I believe, Kevin Sorbo put it best:
  15. Truckasaurus44

    Super Bronc Seat

    I'm looking for a seat for my Vt-8. Its got a fatty front tire, though I don't think it makes a difference on the seat. It doesn't have to be mint or original. I just need a decent seat that fills in for the busted up original on my bike. I'd buy one from OMB, but they are out of stock. The...
  16. Truckasaurus44

    For Sale NOS Lil Indian Booklet

    If its for 1968, I'll take it!
  17. Truckasaurus44

    Arco Bushwacker parts

    I'm still on this hunt, especially for the down tubes and rear wheel.
  18. Truckasaurus44

    Jersey Rat

    Looks bad @$$. You've got to youtube up some vids!
  19. Truckasaurus44

    Jersey Rat

    HA HA, I know that bike! Jersey Rat! I'll be watching to see how my old Monkey Warts comes out!