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  1. 65ShelbyClone

    How to remove gear reduction unit on a honda gx 160

    You'll have to change the crank as well. It's probably going to be very short and splined.
  2. 65ShelbyClone

    China Tillotson carb on a 5hp Briggs Flathead?

    Those $10 Tillotson HL-324 knockoffs are junk (the ones I have anyway) and the design itself is not that great for anything but a race kart or chainsaw. For a few more dollars I would recommend a 20-22mm slide carb.
  3. 65ShelbyClone

    Valve Float

    What exactly does it do at 6600rpm? Does throttle opening have any affect? You have a cam and springs good for 8000+rpm unless the installed height is way more than it should be(and it's probably not). I'd be looking at fuel or ignition first.
  4. 65ShelbyClone

    Detune Predator?

    I thought a restrictor might give more range of motion to the throttle and make it easier to modulate.
  5. 65ShelbyClone

    Detune Predator?

    You could get a restrictor plate like numerous clone kart classes use. They are available in a variety of sizes and bolt right on.
  6. 65ShelbyClone

    predator 212 hemi vs non-hemi

    How is it better?
  7. 65ShelbyClone

    Crankshaft ball bearings

    The service manual doesn't list a number for radial play in the crank bearings, just "replace if it's excessive" when the bearing is clean and dry. That makes me think that it's not all that critical. Crank bearings for bike engines often have the C3 and sometimes even C4 clearance spec. Part...
  8. 65ShelbyClone

    New build, straight line speed attempt...

    You could put one of those 3D manual clutches on it. It would launch just a motorcycle then. I thought the frame looked really big until I saw that it was a 212 and not a 420. For some reason I thought it was getting a bigblock.
  9. 65ShelbyClone

    predator 212 hemi vs non-hemi

    The non-hemi has a scaled-down version of the basic pushrod automotive design that's been in use since the 1950s.
  10. 65ShelbyClone

    Chinese Torque Converter with Tecumseh H40?

    You know you can change the sprocket on the torque converter, right? Just because one comes with a 420 or #40 doesn't mean you're limited to that. A TC incurs about a 20% driveline power loss and the 6" driven unit is also going to have a 0.90 overdrive at top speed. You might have to play with...
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    Oil seal part number

    You could also use the bore diameter, shaft diameter, and seal width to find an industry-standard counterpart without the B&S (BS?) markup.
  12. 65ShelbyClone

    Lifan 79cc with a billet rod?

    Yes. If they have, it hasn't been documented. Yes. Is there any reason you can't simply get a larger engine? You'll have to triple the 79cc's stock power just to match a stock 212.
  13. 65ShelbyClone

    Preadator 212 Stuttering when giving more than 1/4 throttle

    Why? Spark plugs don't go bad from sitting. And why did you replace the carburetor originally? So often I read about carburetors getting replacing because they might have been a problem. Now the owner is fighting with a new generic one that doesn't have the right settings and possibly not the...
  14. 65ShelbyClone

    Hemi GX140 build

    I'm going to play with the tune to see if I can improve the idle vacuum before resorting to a TPS. It may not be an exciting development, but this has been 13 years in the making: Back in 2006 I got some upgrade MAP sensors for use with a MegaSquirt-I like I'm using now. MS1 has factory...
  15. 65ShelbyClone

    Hemi GX140 build

    There is no TPS, but it will likely need one in order to get acceleration enrichment to work. I found out the vacuum was weak because I was going to use the MAP signal to get some acceleration enrichment for better snap, but found out it was operating in just one or two rows across the table...
  16. 65ShelbyClone

    Hemi GX140 build

    Maybe after I get this thing straight. ;) My laptop battery was on borrowed time and it quit just as I was trying to get a data log. What I did catch is that the engine is pulling really poor vacuum; only about 3-5"Hg. I'll have to check the MAP line, but suspect it's pulling air through the...
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    Mikuni to methanol

    Everywhere. More fuel everywhere.
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

    Not if your engine already has one.
  19. 65ShelbyClone

    Dyno cam question.

    Those aren't a part number, but rather timing marks. The cam timing can be advanced or retarded by 2, 4, or 6° depending on how the gear is bolted on.