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    panther chain guard

    Hi @Whiz unable to post pictures on a pm so here it is.Its 10 inches in length hope this helps
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    Plastic fork sleeves for Arctic Cat Ramrod

    Try Robert R Fragoman a member goes under lowrider chassis his father bought out a lot of mini bike inventor 585 507 6762
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    2024 Lil Indian build

    picked up new tank,been polishing getting ready for chrome.Going away for two weeks and will get at it when I get back
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    2024 Lil Indian build

    let me know if you have Thank you @Joe51 it will be a 500 model,let me know if you have one
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    CCS Charger Chopper

    Both I have are red I dont know if thats original and the sissy bar has a rear ward bend about eight inches down
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    CCS Charger Chopper

    Ruttman made them for ccs they have a 1 inch frame different foot pegs,the fork uses a curved strut rod instead of straight,rear axle mounts are different and uses a band brake on the wheel,wheels used are manco spider wheels and used a forward mounted engine plate with dime hole in the...
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    2024 Lil Indian build

    The seat I had recovered.Working on the tins remover the rust sanding and buffing the rust pits and scratches ,should be polishing the pieces next week
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    2024 Lil Indian build

    checked valve lash and was spot on and clean.Put the head on and painted.Started to clean up the tins,the tank had lots of lead on it.Buffing off the lead and found theres not much left under it.Going source a tank might have one
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    2024 Lil Indian build

    Engine was stuck along with the spark plug ,Removed the engine and head ,the cyl looked real good and clean I let it soak with wd40 for three days and rotates fine and the plugs out.Drained the oil and it looked good.Stripping the paint off lots of layers and going to find some one to do the...
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    wrist pin for h30 h35

    looking for part number for pin Thanks Mark
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    Who is planning to build a mini in 2024?

    I will be building a lil indian.I havent started it yet,engine stuck and plug
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    What did you buy in 2023

    Since I decided not to buy anymore mini bikes.This year I bought a Lil Indian and a chrome frame Ruttman and Three tecumseh engines
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    H35 cam gear

    I bought this H35 lighted engine non runner cheap.Found the cam gear missing teeth,The crank gear is fine and the plastic gov. gear has the tip of two gears worn.The shroud was all cracked and pieces missing I think this is due to vibration.The crank rod journal worn .015 .rod worn .006 .main at...
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    Build-Off 2024?

    heres my first build off bike
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    No spark

    With all the honda dealers in New Zealand and they dont have any points?
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    Build-Off 2024?

    If we have a build off this will be my build
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    Build-Off 2024?

    Always enjoyed it.I have a bike I was going to start but will hold off on it in case we do a build off
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    tecumseh part numbers

    The letters after the same part number the A B C what is there significance example 29314c 29314b 29314a
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    Tecumseh runs good until it gets warm need advise

    will it restart after it cools down,check your valve lash I have found exh with no clearance would start great but would quit when it got hot and would not restart until it cooled down.Found that after changing points condensor plug coil
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    What happened to the build offs?

    The same categories they always use. Always enjoyed the build off, I like having the deadlines seems like the only way I get things done. Im in if we have one