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  1. cjtmini

    CJTMINI HF "Predator" header/muffler- First look!

    Thanks Michael and Bob for the compliments I'm glad you are enjoying the exhaust I made for you and thanks everyone else for thier constructive criticism. Of course you can buy a pipe cheaper but I haven't seen one like mine.........anywhere I have almost $45 in materials alone (not to...
  2. cjtmini

    EK #35 kart chain

  3. cjtmini

    EK #35 kart chain

  4. cjtmini

    EK #35 kart chain

    $25 shipped
  5. cjtmini

    Replacement kickstand for Murray minibike

    thats the bike the kickstand was made for the original Murray kickstand mounts with 1 large bolt and has a 2nd "dowel" stamped into it to lock it in place. the ebay kickstand fits the Murray but it dosent have this "dowel" you have to use a 2nd bolt and nut
  6. cjtmini

    CJTMINI Header/muffler pipe for the HF Predator?

    once I gather all the materials I'll be building a lot of headers for the Predator engine. I've had a couple requests With working 60 hrs a week, taking care of my house, wife and 18 month old my time is tight building mini bike parts
  7. cjtmini

    Replacement kickstand for Murray minibike

    Kick Stand mini-bike mini-chopper chrome NEW 9" | eBay got this kickstand for my Murray last week. It fits great 99% like the original
  8. cjtmini

    EK #35 kart chain

    EK high performance kart chain for sale. Great quality mini bike or go-kart chain long enough for 6.5hp DB-30 conversions. 134 link pins long I can add a couple links if needed $30 USPS 2-3 day shipping included
  9. cjtmini

    Murray Track 2 Mini Bike Owners Group

    if I remember the spacer was easy. it's 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" spacing and 5/8" thick I think I remember:confused1:
  10. cjtmini

    Murray Track 2 Mini Bike Owners Group

    I got this one off craig's about a year ago.....kinda rough shape it's banged up, the stock rear brake is missing, no footpegs, bent handlebars. I installed a universal band brake and sucks I'd be great to find parts for these things :shrug: I hooked up a 6.5 and TAV. made a...
  11. cjtmini

    I screwed up

    when you removed the plastic gears did you fish out the small washers behind it?
  12. cjtmini

    I screwed up

    did you grinded this part?
  13. cjtmini

    Adjusting the idle on a Predator?

    it looks like this
  14. cjtmini

    New rear rim/disk - wobble ?

    is the 6 bolt rotor flange running true? the rotors are pretty thin and can get "bent" easily. assemble everything and try truing the rotor with a rubber hammer to get it to run gentle
  15. cjtmini

    DB with HF Predator & stock sprocket... chain length?

    134 or 135 links should do it
  16. cjtmini

    Drop-in engine swaps?

    that's an old "original" DB.......the first ones with 8 slots in the engine plate the engine plate is going to look like swiss cheese with 4 more slots in it.....12total. I'm sure it will work but when your done 2 new slots will be really close to the existing slots. attached are photos of...
  17. cjtmini

    complete 6.5hp engine kit for a DB-30

    the engine (only) sold locally the install kit is still available
  18. cjtmini

    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    your install kit is on it's way....THANKS!!!
  19. cjtmini

    Merry Christmas to you guys also It's great to hear from you hopefully I'll see you at one...

    Merry Christmas to you guys also It's great to hear from you hopefully I'll see you at one of the mini bike events this summer Chris
  20. cjtmini

    #35 EK Kart Chain

    new price.....$25 shipped