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  1. Randy

    R.I.P Wayne P Keller

    With a heavy heart I need to let you all know that on Sunday 12-14 my father, Wayne, passed away. I have a lot I'd like to say but I'm sitting here pretty much at a loss for words. If and when I can put them to paper I'll update this post. I'll also update it with his obit and online memorial...
  2. Randy

    My new little toy

    Here you go. Post a pic of your crank. From what you described it may be best to throw the proper crank in your other engine.
  3. Randy

    shock help

  4. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

    LOL :laugh:
  5. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

    Great minds at work!
  6. Randy

    shock help

    Do you just want to get it apart? Or would you like to be able to reassemble it at some point? I have something in mind :smile: but the reassembly might be an issue.
  7. Randy

    "my new truck"

    Did you get them to throw in a air mattress? :sleep1:
  8. Randy

    what is this a montgomery ward?

    It's a Manco Streaker.
  9. Randy

    Why was the Windber thread locked?

    Ed bought a set of handlebars from me. I'm sure they will wonder what they are when he goes through the airport. :laugh:
  10. Randy

    Tecumseh Muffler ?

    The cover should not be cut out. God only knows why it was done. But you'll need to either replace it or patch it. Otherwise she's going to get hot.
  11. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

  12. Windber 2013

    Windber 2013

  13. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

    That's because he has had a lot of practice.
  14. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

    :laugh: Just me. Unless of course I find some babe hitch hiking along the turnpike. Allison is going to the beech for seiner week.
  15. Randy

    Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

    I just climbed out of my hibernation :rolleyes: Talked to Peek today and I will be going. I'll be set up along the tree line behind Jeff's eatery. Please bring lots of money. I'm bringing as much as I can load on the truck & trailer. Some junk, some good/hard to find parts, as-well as some...
  16. Randy

    Lil Indian dimensions

    Thats a 3/4 frame with 7/8 forks.
  17. Randy

    Old Mini Bike

    I'm pretty sure it is a early Wards bike. The rear mounts and the plate cut out sorta lend itself toward Wards. Sorry for the crappy pic. <img src="" />
  18. wards


  19. Randy

    ARCO roller with 1 piece 4 inch rims

    Probably. They used different names. Your's could be a Colt? That would have 4" wheels and a H30 side pooper.
  20. Randy

    Rebuilding the Trail King Gear Box (Photos Added)

    Thats a very nice bike! Please take time when you post, the Vintage US area (where you've been putting them is only for small wheeled us minibikes. The large bikes need to be posted under general.