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    This week's find, What is it?

    not sure but the handle bars look like their from a old sears exercise bike!
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    Yeah...What is it ?

    thats a mini bike frame!
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    ruttman seat and bars!

    I am currently in the market for a seat and correct handle bars for a 1968 ruttman judge.The bike is going in for sandblasting and a pro repaint next week!Looking for era correct parts.Thanx for any info!...Noel29
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    Thanx for the input!I will start restoring the bike this winter.I was going to do it now but the...

    Thanx for the input!I will start restoring the bike this winter.I was going to do it now but the 1971 larkin jobber i found will be much easier to is complete!Thanx again.Noel
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    1968 Ruttman Judge?

    response! yes that add is me.i was looking for info on craigslist,before a friend told me about!
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    Ever see one of these?

    Sweet! I love odd looking machines!Dont hack it lol.make it as originla as you can.these gys on here are real helpful at finding old pics.They helped me identify my 1971 arkin jobber.1 wheel in back and two in front.I havnt been able to find another 1 like it.Good luck on your new project.hey...
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    1968 Ruttman Judge?

    I just picked this machine up for almost nothing?From the pics I see online I believe it is a 1968 Ruttman Judge.As far as I can see the paint is original.But not sure about the pinstriping!Seat and bars are missing.But the bike over all is a nine out of ten.Barely any surface rust.Im new to...
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    Larkin jobber?

    Larkin! Hey thanx for the info!Im trying to find out when they stopped making these bikes.The hillcat seems cool.From what ive heard the Jobber i aquired was used to move heavy items in the front basket!
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    Larkin jobber?

    Hey all!Has any one ever heard of the company Larkin?I just picked up this bike.Me and my daughter plan on restoring it.The bike is complete running and driving!Just wondered if Any one had any info on the Larkin company,I cant seem to find anything online!Well thanx for looking have a good !.Noel!
  10. 1968 Ruttman?

    1968 Ruttman?

  11. Larkin