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  1. J

    3 wheeler with 3 sizes of wheels

    i wouldnt trust that differential anymore! :D
  2. J

    Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

    if you can repair it, keep it a 4 wheeler. I am a three wheeler nut, but I have 2 of these TRX 70s because they are rare! they made a lot of three wheelers but the quad 70s were only made for a couple years NOW... if the front of the frame is rusted out and the front axle is no longer safe...
  3. J

    Kart ID

    looks to be a sears, very much like the AM-EX
  4. J

    Tecumseh HS50 slant intake needed for MTD build.

    i have a slant intake but i cant remember what size its for. i got it from capguncowboy. ill try to look.
  5. J

    NOS Comet 2 speed jackshaft setup

    i want this but i cant bring myself to pay that much for a sears roper drivetrain... and id need the clutch too. cant you still get them new?
  6. J

    Wanted: your old doodlebug DB30 forks

    pics? what you want for them?
  7. J

    Wanted: your old doodlebug DB30 forks

    I am looking for 2 sets of doodlebug forks. DB 30. ill take bent ones if they are free but otherwise looking for some takeoffs from yall who have upgraded your DB30s. nothing fancy, just need good forks. let me know thanks!!
  8. J

    Kevlar TAV belts VS Genuine Comet Belts?

    just stay away from the ALASKA brand. I got some because they were inexpensive on ebay.... seller had a good score... but all 3 belts looked like they were carved out with a dull blade. not uniform and quickly shredded with correct TAV alignment. i contacted the seller and they just said no...
  9. J

    Tubing Bender

    doug, ive never wanted a tool so bad :D thanks.. sorry i havent gotten that 200x neck out to ya. i still have it if you need it. it might be cut a little shorter than you asked, but i didnt cut it, it came with some forks i bought. text me again if you still need it ill get it out to ya! now i...
  10. J

    1973 Kawasaki MT1 For Sale On Craigslist (Allentown, PA)

    unless you are running dirt in your 2 stroke oil, no reason to get clogged. pumps also rarely fail... its a common misconception that they "go bad" but they often were ran OUT of oil, and then have to be PRIMED which people didnt do, run it dry then unprimed then POP... then blame it on the oil...
  11. J

    When you get helicopter coverage

    every time the helicopter follows me on my mini i spend the rest of the evening dodging it to get away...
  12. J

    KV75 owners

    ive only heard mine start once, but it sounded like a freaking bubble machine. it looks like someone made the baffle and turndown on it.... but mine is special so the person who did it may have been the one to do all the other mods... i bet if anything mine is quietened more than stock or as...
  13. J

    Mini Viehicle Plans

    you are building a 30 inch wide sportscar? if you are located within the United States, then i am the king of france. Cheezy, your sarcasm is not lost on me
  14. J

    Mini Viehicle Plans

    name: racer location: usa wants to sell you plans to things you can find build threads about on the internet for free... seems legit hey dude, sorry if you're a legit guy trying to do something here, but you dont come off to me like someone id be givng my money to for anything. good luck...
  15. J

    Are there any members in upstate SC?????

    hey guys I am just north of hickory NC. I am currently building a small go kart track, mini golf course and arcade. This will be a private membership club thing, but OldMiniBikes members get a special rate!! :D once the track is complete, I will be one of the only tracks in the southeast that allows...
  16. J

    New (to me) Go Kart

    it has four wheels. lol sorry you asked for us to tell you about it. no but really, im gonna say that its older, maybe 60s or 70s? im sure the motor and steering wheel are not orignal. the rest you will need an expert!
  17. J

    Wtb db30 frame

  18. J

    Any idea what this kart is?

    looks kinda homemade.... the rounded pan bottom isnt anything ive seen used in any production karts. the wheel is a minibike wheel for sure i have one. guessing its a one tire fire? both rear matching?
  19. J

    Scooter and side car ??

    i am trying to figure out where these 8 inch 2 piece wheels come from, and it kinda looks similar to the scooter wheels. after looking closer i see these have 6 bolts and the scooter there has 8. i do have a wheelbarrow with a 2 piece 8 inch but its 5 bolt.
  20. J

    radio flyer go kart project, thoughts so far?

    that frame is actually meant for a body already.... like a fiberglass body ive seen those wheels on the plastic frame kart with a body but i think you have an F1 style kart there, not sure id start cutting yet Go Cart / Go Kart (Does Not Run)