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  1. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    I did set up an account over there last night and there were plenty of useful responses. Turns out Moon is still around, their website doesn't work and I must have missed dialed the phone number... I'll have to try again this afternoon. Probably time to kill this thread, Thank you and take care.
  2. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    Exactly, things like if the block has been decked, I know one engine had the head machined. Lift is easy enough to measure, but not over lap and duration. Since these are built motors, the cams could have been done in house. Little things like that. Parts aren't cheap to buy/ship to Canada (or...
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    Race Ready
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    War Wagon
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    War wagon
  6. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    Sorry, that might have come across as rude. Not my intention. My plan is to pair these engines together so I want to know how they were prepped. I can measure most of the components but there are some things that are more difficult to get accurately. And thing like machining/ lobe hardening...
  7. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    Yeah, both Moon and SBR seemed to disappear around 2013/14. I was hoping I could get a build sheet to eliminate any measurement errors during a full autopsy. Since I want to pair the two engines I need to know how similar they are and calipers and gauges can only get you so far. The goal is to...
  8. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    ethanol is ethanol and water is water: ethanol attracts water, which can be prevented.
  9. Chain Linkin

    Looking for Engine Builder Info

    I am hoping to find any information (the internal build specs) I can on two engines I've recently bought. In a perfect world, I would just be able to call the original builders and get the spec sheets. However, it appears that both places are no longer in business, but, maybe they were sold and...
  10. Chain Linkin

    NOT so new old stock?!? Help!

    NOS is a ebay buzz term... just trying to get your attention, most likely it's intentional.
  11. Chain Linkin

    Another chassis fab thread

    That's badass, the chrome rims are much nicer.
  12. Chain Linkin

    Another chassis fab thread

    I think it looks great! (New follower) that an old kulwicki car in the back ground there?
  13. Chain Linkin

    Throttle damper?

    Is it the governor or some kind of cruise control?
  14. Chain Linkin

    Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

    Just noticed I never finished off this thread. The bike was finished and has been run hard since 2017. It's always being worked on and upgraded. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
  15. Chain Linkin

    Sins Of Steel Mini Bike Races 2019

    We plan on going back again. Can't say for sure but we all had a good time... even with the rain.
  16. Chain Linkin

    Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

    pacmule - you guys going to document the racing at all? I won't be switching to 4" wheels but it would be interesting to follow.
  17. Chain Linkin

    Sins Of Steel Mini Bike Races 2019

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've been here. Still racing, just spending less time online. I didn't see this event mentioned (and sadly it's past now) but I thought this might interest a few people here. The group I race with decided to make the trip from Canada down to the Sins of...
  18. Chain Linkin

    World Series

    I'm a Detroit fan so in a bitter sweet way I guess I'm cheering for the Astros.